Golden Beach Selects Donald Delucca as Finalist For Chief of Police

Property Crime in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in South Florida, Golden Beach, is at 2088.2 incidents per 100,000 people. Golden Beach residents are currently seeking a new Police Chief to lead the 25 officer department. City Manager Alexander Diaz and Mayor Glenn Singer narrowed their search for a new police chief down from 67 hopefuls to 6 finalists. The next steps will be for the two officials to choose the top three candidates from this group.

Former Miami Beach Police Chief Donald Delucca is one of the six remaining finalists and clearly a forerunner in experience. He is a true veteran in every sense of the word with over 25 years worth of knowledge. Delucca’s understanding of public safety is unique in that he has run a city that not only houses over 95,000 residents but also receives over 10 million visitors every year. While Delucca served as Police Chief, crime rates in Miami Beach dropped 30% overall and plummeted to historically low rates on several occasions. The Miami Beach Police Department received several performance initiative awards and instituted new methods for keeping the community of Miami Beach safe for both tourists and residents alike. To the residents of Golden Beach, this type track record could be exactly what they are looking for to lower the crime rate and bring peace of mind to the small, but heavily populated town.

No stranger to hard work and dedication, Delucca made Chief of the Miami Beach Police Department after years of rising through the ranks. Delucca encouraged this work ethic in his officers, organizing constant training so his team was prepared for everything in a city where anything could happen. However, No amount of training can replace the decades of firsthand experience and problem solving skills Delucca obtained during his term as Police Chief. Even though Donald Delucca retired from the Miami Beach Police Department in 2007, his career in security did not end.

In his new role as Senior Vice President of an elite security and risk mitigation company, he is faced with new challenges in which to apply his years of public security experience to. He is currently a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Police Executive Research Forum. Delucca is committed to staying current and constantly achieving new levels of success. He has a passion for staying current in the security field- an occupation with new advancements made daily. It’s this dedication to his life’s work that makes him a well suited individual for the role as Golden Beach Police Chief.

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