Dea News Report – Large Scale Drug Arrests

While the Obama administration has since disassociated itself from the catchphrase (with the president himself claiming it to be counter-productive), US law enforcement agencies continue to rank drug dealers and couriers among their top targets.

A 40 Year War

Anti-drug strategies have long been a major concern of the United States law enforcement agencies as well as the military and the foreign office starting from the 1970s when President Nixon first coined the now controversial “War on Drugs” campaign. However, despite the United States has the second highest drug arrests rate in the world drug related crimes continue to proliferate in the country.

New Hope on the Horizon

Less than a fortnight ago, DEA news included a report of nearly 2000 arrests as authorities conducted a massive sting operation against a major Mexican drug cartel La Familia Michoacana.

This is definitely cause for cheer as the Mexican mafia has been a major player on the US drug scene. The US-Mexican border has always been a hotspot for drug smuggling with plenty of willing couriers to be found among the thousands of illegal immigrants who try to cross over into America in search of a better life.

Despite the best efforts by immigration authorities and the border police, a steady stream of unregistered aliens slip into the US every day. Many of them are desperate enough to risk everything for their American dream and end up making deals with drug dealers in exchange for passage for themselves and their loved ones.

These immigrants act as ‘mules’ for the drug gangs, smuggling quantities of cocaine, marijuana, cannabis, heroin and other drugs into the country. They use their own bodies as containers for the substances, going under the knife so that drug agents can fill their stomach cavities with bags of these noxious substances. Many of them also die in the process, as sometimes the poisons they carry leak into their own bodies killing them in the process.

Hopefully, this latest series of drug arrests will prove to be just the first of many such operations as the instigators behind this heinous commerce are brought to justice.

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