Dan Feder Man Behind a Cause

As a board member of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Dan Feder hosted a Guys’ Night Out in an effort to remember his amazing father, who died in a tragic car accident in 1993 at the age of 47. David Feder served as an IDF Paratrooper Brigade, and his love for the organization was passed on to his son. The San Diego IDF chapter raised $40,000 that will be used for scholarships for retired combat soldiers that are not able to afford higher education.

Dan had just graduated from Foothill High School when his father passed away so suddenly, but David had shared enough stories about his time in the Paratrooper Brigade to give his son a love for the Friends of Israel Defense Forces. Dan went on to attend the University of Southern California and graduated with a vision to be a business owner. With a great business partner, he has built a successful business that employs 200 people. His position in business provides connections that allow him to gather people from all over La Jolla for the express purpose of touching the lives of others.

David passed his rich heritage to his son by traveling abroad with his family and teaching them about the need for someone to defend the State of Israel. He has never lost sight of the men and women who give their lives for the cause through IDF. Even though his business requires a substantial time investment every week, he still has time to stay connected with the IDF chapter in San Diego. With only 13 chapters across the country, he knows how fortunate he is to be involved so close to his home in La Jolla.

Leadership traits developed very early for him, and he continues to use every possible approach to lead people and organize events. When he decided to host the Guys Night Out event, he did not have any trouble finding someone to co-host because he is well known for getting things done. Even with 130 participants present at the event, he was able to speak with many people and remind them that the night had a specific purpose. Those reminders caused people to give generously to the cause. Dedicating the entire event to the memory of his father gave Dan a special sense of accomplishment that night. He knows that money is simply a means to a greater end.

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