Changing Facets of Asian Women

THOSE UNDEFINED four walls, one unlocked closed door, charitable household jobs, viel of shyness in front, extremely introvert, not allowed to talk to men, to follow the hard core traditions of families inspite of being so harsh norms, women have walked down many acceptable and unacceptable challenges in their life in the history of Asian countries, especially in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

One reason for such kind of deteriorated status of women in our medieval society was because of the invasion by the foreign conquerors like Muslims who treated their women as the property of their father, brother and husband. They were not allowed to move out of their houses due to several reasons and then such kind of thinking crept in our society, and our society began to consider a girl as a misery and burden.

But that was the story if I look back, Today as the facet changes, I can count history as a “Dark Age” for women. In past few decades, time has taken a toll on the mindset of our society and particularly of every individual. If I have to define the status of women, the journey has been tough, challenging yet the outcome is astonishing and amazing.

Today a women does not only look modern but they possess the thought process which is global. They think rationally yet they are emotional inside. They lead their family as a daughter, daughter-in-law, wife and a successful mother, who becomes the prestige of any household. She is a homemaker and she is the maker of the society as well. She designs her own route, she plans her moves and takes firm decisions.

Talk about any field, and you will find them roaring high with success and creating their life, a masterpiece. They have their own identity, they are bold, still grounded to their values and ethics. There is not even a single field left out where you would not find women at her best.

The latest talk of the town is Hina Rabbani Khar, the foreign minister of Pakistan. She knows her grounds so well that even after loads of criticism on her attire and attitude, she is headstrong with her ethics and principles. Being the youngest in the ministry of foreign affairs, she has a strong political outlook, a global approach, that every resident of Asian countries will look upto.

She carries herself in such a manner that shows, she is confident of what she says and does. Despite of what religion she belongs to, what kind of upbringing she had, she stands as an example for the society.

Today, a girl doesn’t fear to voice out her opinion against any discrimination, be it in schools, colleges or any field of work. I was just watching the morning news, and found that in Delhi we are going to have a “Slut Walk” meaning “Besharmi Morcha” on July 31 2011. The walk is inspired from the first Slut Walk held in Canada earlier this year, arising from a local incident in, which a Canadian policeman, at a university student orientation, advised female students to “avoid dressing like sluts” in order not to be victimized, as reported by a leading news service.

Outraged by such kind of statement, university students protested against such offensive views in our society. Since then, the march has gained momentum and held in several countries. For the first time, India is holding such kind of march calling it “Besharami Morcha”.

The idea behind the concept, is to showcase the rights a women hold and freedom to choose. This is the changing phase of our society. We are walking down the aisle with a man saying “I DO” and walking up the leadership ladder saying, “I DO”.

I was coming back from my work at 2.
00 pm yesterday and my cab took a route from, The Ashok hotel in south Delhi, wherein I found girls coming out of the reputed Bar n Lounge, without being scared of what society will think. They have come out of that shallow perspective that only men can go for night outs and they are supposed to be back by 7.00 in the evening.

They guard themselves being self-defensive, they carry their identity of being a woman on their shoulders and know that sky is not the limit. They are passionate to live their life on their terms and conditions. Today a daughter serves more than a son.

So ,me being a girl, I do not feel myself below or above any man, reason what I can do even many can’t think of pursuing. Its neither being an activist nor a critic, it’s just that, I’m a woman and I’m proud of being the changing face of my society.

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