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BBC has very intimate relationship with anything from early 70’s to 90’s who wanted to hear quality news. BBC stood for reliability. A standard against which rest of the news can be judged. It was a media Goliath that could not have been defeated in the match of unbiased, transparent and bold reporting.

Walking on a street adjacent to Oxford Street I came across old BBC headquarters. It was bombed in 1945 along with most of London. However there was an emblem retelling the story of that day. When the Nazi’s were firing bombs on the streets on London, one reporter on the top of the building was recording the live commentary on how all this is happening. Reading this made me jump with enthusiasm that such a reverence regarding news was guaranteed by this halo news channel.

Such respect has slightly reduced to say the least. BBC through years have lost the impeccable position that it used to have on media due to recent controversies. Even though the controversies were small, but they had big image difference to the channel. In Britain its monopoly was broken in 1955 with the introduction of ITV, however on the international market it still remains at the zenith of news coverage. The channel still remains epitome of news broadcasting and it is watched by millions around the world. It not only provides English transmission but has always made news broadcasting in other languages a priority for itself.

Nevertheless, BBC is alot more than the news broadcaster that it is famous for. In Britain it has a big cultural and social impact. Shows such as Top Gear, internationally renowned for its frank and candid approach towards cars, has a big cultural and social impact. Newsnight is another show that has made few headlines when it comes to providing entertainment and news coverage. One show that has been in controversies but has always made pathways for research journalism is Panorama. It is one that any news channel should be proud of.

Apart from the contents that provide or try to provide a platform for intellectual discussion, BBC is also famous for the cultural impact it has made. One such soap drama is EastEnders. It has been going on for 25 years and has the courage to show the diversity that Britain has adopted within itself.

BBC, to say the least, is a very important part in the life of modern homosapian. It is very difficult to speculate modern 21st century without this corporation. Information, it seems, has gained a very superfluous position in our society and more than anytime before, it is now that we need a channel that can anchor credible information with least amount of biased reporting as possible. So almost 80 years of since its introduction, the importance of BBC could not have been anymore..

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