7 Deadly Sins For Our Beauty

The conditions under which we live, drugs and bad habits have an impact on the appearance of our skin. Here is the lists of all the elements of our lifestyle that has an extremely damaging effect on our looks.

1. Sunbeds. Global experts in oncology treat sunbeds as well as all other sources of ultraviolet radiation as the factors increasing the risk of cancer. Since artificial tan became popular, doctors have begun to diagnose more and more cases of skin cancer among people under 30 years old. UVA rays reach very deeply into dermis, damage collagen and elastin which are responsible for skin firmness and smoothness. UVA rays has also a destructive influence on blood vessels supplying skin with nutrients.

2. Leaving make-up on and going to sleep. Make-up removal is an absolute must. To enable our skin to breathe, before bedtime, you should always wash off make-up. Careful make-up removal combined with skin care facilitates regeneration of skin at night and makes you look radiant and fresh next day. Dust, sweat and sebum accumulates on our face skin and they must be cleaned to facilitate pores breathing.

3. Using wrong cosmetics. Cosmetics, which we use for everyday care should be tailored to your individual skin type. People with dry skin should use other products than those with oily skin or mixed one. We tend to apply moisturizing cream to treat skin problems. However, those creams do not help. Dehydrated skin needs a cream lipids.

4. No protection from sun. Sunbathing without protection we recklessly expose ourselves to UVB and UVA radiation. The first is primarily responsible for sunburn; the second one penetrates deep into the layers of skin, causing irreversible changes. Ultraviolet rays, especially UVB, contribute to changes in DNA of skin cells, limiting skin’s natural ability to eliminate abnormal cells, including cancer. We should remember about sunscreen not only before going to the beach but also during an entire day.

5. No physical activity. Human body is genetically programmed to lead an active lifestyle. Regardless of how old you are, systematic physical exercise helps to overcome many diseases, reduces or even removes the occurrence of many pathogens. Physical activity strengthens heart, balances too high or too low blood pressure. Supports weight loss efforts.

6. Smoking. Smoking kills slowly but consistently. Reaching for a cigarette, remember that you risk the development of many deadly diseases. Tobacco is becoming the main health hazard. Smoking not only affects health but worsens your skin condition as well. Dermatologists can easily recognize “tobacco faces”. My colleague from work (gry dla chlopcow store) is 30 years old but due to heavy smoking she looks 45 and the biological age of her organism has been diagnosed to be 50 years!

7. Insufficient amount of water. Drinking water is very important to maintain health and good looks. Its deficiency can wreak havoc on our organism. Severe dehydration leads to death. Minor deficiencies can bring about problems with metabolism, increase the concentration of toxins, cause weakness and contribute to the formation of cellulite. Water is essential for the proper functioning of your body. Each of us should drink 2 liters of water per day. During the day you lose some 2.5-3 liters of water. To maintain fluid balance, water lost must be supplemented.

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