4 High-value Digital Marketing Tools

When it comes to digital marketing, you have several tools that you can use to present your business in a positive light, build a brand, and increase visibility. At no time in history have there been more marketing tools available to businesses of all sizes. That accessibility has given businesses the power to control their own marketing destinies without spending a fortune.

Whether you use an agency or consultant to handle your marketing or develop your own marketing strategies in-house, it’s important to identify and understand the common digital marketing tools at your disposal. Most of them are low-cost and extremely effective at communicating with your target audience. Read on to learn more about some of the most common digital marketing tools readily available to business owners.

Social Media

From its emergence into public perception within the last two decades, social media has become a juggernaut digital marketing tool. Vast majorities of people with smartphone and computer hardware use social media on one platform or another to get news, carry on conversations with friends, or promote business and activities. As a marketing tool, social media provides a two-way street of communication with potential customers. Not only can you present campaigns and content, but you have an opportunity to engage directly with the public. You can answer questions, encourage dialogue, and use an informal tone to build brand recognition and loyalty. Social media is here to stay, as it provides a power avenue for developing customers.

Design Tools

The digital environment is laden with graphics and visuals. Ad design and web design play a critical role in the success of any digital media strategy as a result. Therefore, it’s important that anyone engaged in digital marketing understands the available tools and uses them often. This doesn’t just include software based graphic design tools that allow you to create ads and images. It also involves web-based services that allow you to create videos, edit images, and create frames and filters that can be used by customers to further drive your messaging.


Digital marketing is a far more exacting science that traditional marketing because analytics can be used to segment and target specific audiences at a granular level. Because so much data is available, campaigns and advertising can be guaranteed visibility by the very people you want to move on your call to action. Analytics give digital marketers a powerful tool not available to marketers in previous generations.

Content Marketing

Content marketing allows marketers to create content that further amplifies their marketing campaigns. Content marketing can play a role in developing a voice, brand, and identity with customers. It can also provide potential customers with an entry portal in to the purchase cycle that will likely result in sales and leads for your business.

If you own a business, it pays to understand and utilize digital marketing tools as a way of developing your brand, creating a business identity, and winning new customers. Digital marketing tools provide business owners and marketers with unprecedented power to reach the customers most likely to patronize them, which results in high return on a minimal investment.

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