What Makes a Criminal Defense Lawyer The Chosen One?

There are about 920,000 practicing lawyers in the United States today. Almost all of them have had some rudimentary Criminal Law Training in law school, thus they can put up their shingle and practice criminal law. However, there are literally millions of federal and state laws out there. Some of these laws are very vague, broad and hard to understand even by competent lawyers, let alone lay people. This is why thousands of innocent people plea guilty to crimes they never committed, or get punished without due process of law, because they do not have the necessary means, the time or the adequate knowledge of how to choose a competent, experienced and compassionate lawyer.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you search for a criminal defense lawyer online or offline.

1. Proper Experience

The first thing to remember, when choosing a criminal defense lawyer is to know that there are many types of criminal laws dealing with crimes, such as, murder, sexual violence, domestic violence, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, conspiracy, DUI, solicitation, hit and run, criminal fraud, etc. Many of these types of criminal laws require lawyers who specialize and are highly experienced in dealing with such cases.

2. State and/or Federal Crime

Another highly important issue is to distinguish; whether the crime charged is a state crime, federal crime or both. Most Law Schools do not teach State Law. Therefore, a Competent Lawyer must gain such knowledge and experience through years of diligent studies and fastidious practice.

3. An Experienced, Ethical and Mindful Criminal Defense Lawyer must also take the following steps:

  • Investigate the facts of the case
  • Obtain information about the attendant circumstances under which the custodial arrest took place
  • Have a comprehensive exchange with the accused to learn about the facts of the crime charged
  • Examine all relevant allegations, indictments, police reports, warrant issuance and execution circumstances, prosecutor’s contentions, etc.
  • Examine plea bargain options and terms of possible bail
  • After a comprehensive research and preparation go to trial if needs be and always be prepared to zealously defend the accused Rights; and make sure that the prosecutor proves all elements of the accused crime or crimes beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

The above points are just a few important metrics, we carefully consider, when we choose our Chosen Lawyers. Then we provide each Chosen Lawyer with a Private, Confidential and Secured LIVE CHAT Audio/Video/Text communication portal, which makes it easy for you to consult with your Chosen Attorney anytime, anywhere!

So next time you are accused of a crime, make sure you know your rights and duties right away. You have a right to make a call: make that call to a Chosen Lawyer by dialing 1-888-365-0-365 or click on

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