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Public Loss Adjusters-

Loss adjusters are claims experts that study and contribute damage, impact, theft and various other claims to make a fairer case and claim on behalf of the insurance company, they offer their services from an unbiased and impartial position meaning their decision is based on facts and studying rather than a sway in opinion. the job role is to ultimately review all detail in the claim and come to a final decision and/or pay out figure.

The role of a loss adjuster is to review all the evidence in the case and make a final calculated decision and figure as to what is owed. Other rolls of the job are to interview eye witnesses, gather police reports and give evidence in court. Although there are many roles within the job, the main aim is to be able to work collaboratively with both the insurer, client and any other networks to assist the client in a fair claim. Although the job of a loss adjuster is generally completed as a solo task, loss adjusters can and usually will be employed by insurance companies, insurance brokers, specialist loss adjusting firms and organisation’s risk management branch.

A loss adjuster will usually visit the property or area the claim is based in within a few days of the claim, a prompt visit is to ensure nothing has been changed about the scene and claim. the purpose of the visit is to access the facts and figures of the claim making it easier and fairer to come to a decision about it.

Although a lot of loss adjusters work for the insurance companies ect, there are businesses like Public Loss Adjusters that work for the customer, providing professional advice and help along the way. The loss adjusters; either independent, working for a loss adjusters company or working for an insurance company ect get paid as a result of the final settlement fee, the better it is for the client usually means the better it is for the adjusters.

Usually, loss adjusters either concentrate and work on Commercial Claims like loss of earnings or Household and Domestic Claims like fires or floods. Most loss adjusters deal with normal claims, but also have to deal with complex and difficult long claims too. With an insight into the facts from an unbiased and unswayed point of view, A loss adjuster will make any claim fairer and more structured due to the fact the case is being studied by an outsider of the situation.

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