How Will my Workers Comp Case be Evaluated?

If you have filed a workers compensation claim, you may be wondering how much your case is worth. This is a common concern facing people who are suffering from a work-related injury since they may need that to support themselves going forward.

You may be personally stressed, angry, resentful as a great employee who is now without a job or not being treated well by your employer. It is a scary situation that you never thought you would be in. To make matters worse, insurance carriers unfortunately do not always do what they should or when they should.

The two main components to determine the monetary value of a workers compensation case are –

  • Employee’s compensation rate
  • Amount of time the employee can remain on workers comp weekly benefits

The weekly rate is determined by the employee’s pre-injury wages. The value of the case involves finding out the remaining exposure to the insurer. This is calculated by multiplying the employee’s compensation rate by the amount of time s/he has left on weekly benefits. Once the wage becomes final, if your wage was set incorrectly, you may not receive all the benefits you should have.

Unfortunately, the pain and suffering an injured worker goes through, the stress you endure or the hassle you go through do not feature in a settlement. A person who breaks their leg at work may have a case less valued than another worker who sprains their wrist. The valuation will depend on their particular compensation rates, and the amount of time they could potentially remain on weekly benefits.

In fact, a similar situation may arise even with two employees with the same injury. Remember that every case is unique and specific. Some cases may seem similar at first glance. There are several factors, specific to each case, which may affect the “value” of a workers’ compensation case.

It is important to have an experienced workers compensation lawyer, such as Arizona Injury Law group, to ensure that a case is properly valued.

If your employer is a company, it will be represented by an attorney. Each case is different and has unique facts. Only an experienced lawyer can provide legal advice. A lawyer serves as your advocate and an intermediary between you and the insurance company. If you have legal questions, need to go to hearing, or are just tired of dealing with the insurance company, you should consult a lawyer. Most AZ workers comp lawyers provide free consultations in order to determine whether they can help you.

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