How to Find a Competent Divorce Lawyer, Right Away?

Dealing with divorce is never easy! Since there are so many important and emotional issues at stake. Finding the time and energy to look for a Competent Divorce Lawyer to help you deal with issues such as your home, your children, alimony or custody makes it almost unbearable. Nonetheless, it is a crucial decision that requires careful research and mindful scrutiny.

When you know, your marriage is at its end, it is very tempting to just go for it and hire the first lawyer that comes to sight! However, the wrong attorney could become a hindrance rather than helpful. For instance, an incompetent and inexperienced lawyer may, unintentionally, instigate unproductive and sometimes humiliating litigations, which could result in unnecessary costs, frictions and needless conflicts.


No matter, how you come across a lawyer that you wish to hire, always you should check with the State Bar, to make sure the lawyer is in good standing and duly licensed to practice.

You should also make sure the lawyer has considerable experience in Family Law; specifically Divorce.

You should check their track record to see how they have served past clients: Repeated complaints could be the smoking gun.

Referral companies like AVVO or Super Lawyers offer all kinds of ratings and accolades. However, most of these big referral corporations’ ratings could be based on peer reviews, etc.

One of the best ways to assess the true mettles of a lawyer is to actually talk to the lawyer. So you can feel the connection and assess his or her personality coupled with level of client care and mindfulness.

Please also keep in mind that if you see a negative review, you should not automatically hold it against the lawyer as conclusive evidence of incompetence. For instance a negative court ruling does not necessarily mean an attorney did a poor job; remember that there are many factors involved in a court decision.

Experience, Experience and Experience:

No matter what law school credentials adorn the attorney’s office walls or web-page or even how many years a lawyer has been practicing law, you should always make sure he or she is experienced in your type of case, namely divorce. For instance a Business Lawyer, who just changed field of practice to family law, may not have the experience and competency required to deal with your case.

It is always better to do your homework in advance rather than filing a malpractice lawsuit or a complaint against an incompetent lawyer.

A genuinely experienced and competent lawyer would listen to you, assess your issues and objectives and come up with a reasonable and lawful case evaluation, for you to consider.

Above all, your initial consultation would give your own assessment of the lawyer. If you do not feel comfortable with the person, most likely you will not like the lawyer.

A Competent Lawyer would be delighted to, reasonably, answer all your legal questions accurately; and address what is important even if you have not asked; in a language that you clearly understand.


You should definitely know, how much would your Chosen Lawyer charge and for what services?

A lawyer who is not clear on estimated costs or is evasive and agitated about his or her fees is not for you!


Searching the Internet for everything is a great idea. After all, the Internet is our personal window to the world. However, you must be a bit cognizant of the top ranking businesses, when it comes to Lawyers. Most of the top ranking law related businesses are big Referral Services owned and operated by Mega Corporations or Big Law Firms, which spend millions of dollars on pay per click advertising. Yes those pay per clicks could cost as much $140 each. Lawyers who participate on such speculative and expensive marketing methods must be Great Marketers??? is neither a referral corporation nor a law firm. It is a one-of-a-kind –comprehensive communication platform– created by a Lawyer, who carefully chooses each Trusted, Competent and Compassionate Lawyer-Member. The core purpose of is to genuinely help people resolve their problems in a civilized manner in a court of law.

There is no ranking system within Chosen Lawyers that money can buy. We only accept one highly qualified Lawyer in each of our designated territories, in each area of practice. All ratings come from actual clients with similar legal challenges as you.

Moreover, they must be in good standing their State Bar. Have no Malpractice or Criminal Convictions against them. They must be Bonded and Insured, and have ascertainable Track Records.

Chosen Lawyers offer FREE case evaluation in all fields of law and not just the profitable fields of Personal Injury, so you know your rights and duties from the start.

This means, we have done all the necessary research, before choosing the Chosen Lawyers, so you don’t have to. Welcome to

The only purpose driven and one-stop-solution platform for all your legal problems. Bar None!

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