How Garofalo Law Firm, The Chicago Elder Law Attorney Are Going to Help You?

For human beings elder law is a big thing. We live in a family with our kids, parents, grandfather’s grandmothers, in-laws, brother, sisters and many more. When our grand persons become elder, they require being take care specially. They should be treated more carefully and more specially. Sometimes they are also not being able to manage their own interests or business. Then there are need of wills, trusts, proper implementation of power of attorney etc and more. We at Garofalo law firm help clients regarding elder law issues and cases. The Chicago elder law attorney provides services throughout Chicago, Illinois area. Here we are going to tell you detail about our elder law services when you have already came to our office for a lawyer.

We at Garofalo law firm offer wide range of elder law services, they are –

Estate planning – Have you ever wondered what will happen to your property when you die? And you don’t have any will for that? If you died and you don’t have any will then the court will decide what to do and will create a will for you. If you have a will then your assets will be forwarded to whom is mentioned in the will. If you don’t have any will, then it will go to “intestate succession” to heirs according to the state law. In both cases Garofalo law firm will guide you. We will guide you through the whole processes. We will let about each and every step of estate planning law. All the stuffs like – net estates, Share of Descendents, Share of Parents, Share of Other Relatives everything will be shared, discussed at our firm.

Health care and planning – At Garofalo law firm, we provide assistance on health care planning. When you become old and sick, you need to know your rights form others, govt. , hospitals . We care about that. We take care of Medicaid and Medicare. All we know that American citizens are unable to pay the high cost of health care. That is why attorneys are important to let you know and let you assist about your legal rights. There are also patient rights which you need to about as well.

Financial planning – Financial planning is also another important term while you are old . You will not be able to run and manage your own affairs when you got older . we take care and manage of all finical affairs of the clients.

Durable power of attorney – The durable power of attorney is a simple way to allow someone else to manage your finances if you are unable to manage your finances or your affairs. We at Garofalo law firm prepare the documentation. In Documents, you will allow your man to manage your affairs on behalf of yourself. There are few tasks that you can assign to your durable power , such as – Paying your bills , Paying your taxes , Paying medical expenses , Managing your real estate assets , Accessing your financial accounts , Investing on your behalf , Collecting any retirement benefits , Transferring and selling your assets , Buying insurance for you , Operating your small business , Hiring someone to represent you etc. Garofalo attorneys will surely help you with all of these.

Guardianship – Two types of persons are basically depending on other family members. One is the kids and others are the elders. No matter when you are elders or kids guardianship is really very important thing for all. A guardian who work as a person who is going to take all legal decisions on behalf of the dependent person. We will help you regarding the guardianship, the basics of guardianships and establishing of a guardianships.

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