Do I Need a Solicitor to Buy a House

In the United Kingdom, buying a property is not only about fixing a deal with the seller. There are many legal aspects that need to be followed. Conveyancing is one of the most important legal processes that say that a property must be transferred from one title holder to another. This isbasically transferring the property from the seller to the buyer legally. This process is generally covered by the solicitor in the United Kingdom. However, the question may now surface that do I need a solicitor to buy a house?

Do I need a solicitor to buy a house?

There are several reasons for which a solicitoris required for buying a home. The need of the solicitor starts from the initial phase when a buyer shows interest to buy the property of the seller. The significance gets intensified during the conveyancing phase. Here are the reasons why you need a solicitor for buying a house.

Pre-Conveyancing Phase

It is very obvious that a good property may generate interest among buyers. If the price of the house is within the budget, then the prospect becomes even more attractive. However, without cross verifying the legal viability of the property, no purchase is recommended. One must understand that the property is free from the dispute, in accordance with the Property Law and has adhered to the planning standards issued by the authorities in the United Kingdom. However, this can only be understood when there is deep knowledge of the Property Law and Conveyancing process. A solicitor is accredited and expert of the law and thus understand each and every aspect of the property disputes and others. It is, therefore, recommend to consult a solicitor before going ahead with the final deal with the seller.


At every phase of conveyancing, a solicitor is required. The solicitor ensures that the conveyancing process is smooth; hassle free and of course as per law.


The solicitor prepares the legal contract or agreement between the seller and the buyer. However, this job is done by the solicitor of the seller, but the solicitor of the purchaser must cross verify the contract and ensure that interest of the buyer is intact. This is the legal instrument for property right and must be well documented.


The property needs to be registered at the Land Registry office. However, in order to carry out the process, some legal documents must be prepared. A solicitor is an experienced and expert of the conveyancing law and understands the significance of the legal documentation and disbursement process.


A search of the property is also equally important for the conveyancing process. The property that has to be registered in the Land Registry office should have a certificate of clearance from various local authorities. The certificatesare required for boundary, electricity, insurance, environment adherence, sewage, chancel liability and much more. The process can be completed by the local authorities or by the search agencies. However, knowledge of the law is mandatory for this process. If the legal procedures are not followed correctly, then a hefty amount of penalty can be imposed on the buyer.


For every bank transaction whether for mortgage or re-mortgage, the buyer has to depend on the solicitor. The bank transaction is generally carried out through the solicitor, and thus a solicitor is very much required.

Apart from all these, a property can come under legal complications at any point of time and assistance of solicitor is inevitable at that time. Also, the requirements and the legal procedures for different type’s property is unique, and an experienced solicitor can figure this out. The process of conveyancing is different for freehold, leasehold, commonhold and commercial properties and should adhere to the law in each case.

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