4 Points Fathers Should Keep in Mind when Aiming for Child Custody

Gone are the days when it was given that mothers will have the primary custody of children after divorce. While the notion is still same for children of very young age, however, things have certainly changed with older children. Today, even fathers have equal chances to win child custody of older children. Many lawyers in Texas are supporting fathers to win both primary and joint custody. If you’re a father and want joint or primary custody of your children then you must take care of a few things to ensure your win. This article lists a few points that fathers should remember to secure primary or joint custody of your children.

4 Tips to Help you in Child Custody Cases

1. Consult an Experienced Lawyer

The first step after you have decided to fight for child custody is to consult a reputed lawyer that specializes in child custody. Since the lawyers have extensive knowledge about the law and law proceedings, therefore, they are the best person to give you advice and best options on your case.

2. Avoid Moving Out of your Marital Residence

If your child custody is in dispute, you should not leave your marital home before coming to an agreement with your spouse on a schedule that you believe is in your child’s best interests. Whenever possible, you should not move out and leave children behind until you have a hearing.

3. Do not Deter from your Parental Duties

Your tense relationship with your spouse should not deter you from your duties towards your children. You should not avoid your children or take out your frustration on them if things are not okay at home. Perform your regular duties such as taking them to school, assisting with homework, and bathing.

4. Keep a Track of Parental Responsibilities

Keep a track of your and your spouse’s involvement in your children’s life. Before you file for a divorce, keep a calendar that shows who handles various parental responsibilities like attending their school functions and taking them for regular checkups or curriculum activities. Also note that if you travel a lot for work, make sure your timings and dates are flexible else it can be hard for you to get primary custody.


In Texas, the trend of fathers getting the primary or 50-5 joint custody of their children is on the rise. It takes both parents to raise children, and given that more mothers go to work, it is only fair to give them an equal chance of getting favorable custody rulings. If fathers are involved in the life of their children and want to take the custody, they should immediately consult a reputable child custody lawyer can help them achieve it.

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