Use SharePoint For Business Intelligence

SharePoint is Microsoft’s web application platform largely used for bringing Business Intelligence (BI) tools to management teams looking to organize, interpret and analyze data. SharePoint pushes the boundaries of what BI is capable of accomplishing. Business Intelligence (BI) with SharePoint server comes out to be the first choice when making decisions is purely dependent on the information available in the organization. Microsoft SharePoint server is the most popular example of an integrated suite when any business requires consuming information in a unified manner. If you want to access information, be it anywhere or anytime, then SharePoint server is the best answer that links business applications as SAP, Siebel, Microsoft SQL server to easily publish reports, lists and KPI’s.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

BI describes process and technologies that primarily serves to monitor, plan and analyze to drive business process improvements. Sharepoint (BI) shows all the spheres of information and presents right information at the right time and in a right manner. It also enhances productivity and decision making levels of your organization.

An enterprise which relies on decisions based on information outperform and produces better results. Today’s organizations have realized the need of information, yet they follow obsolete practices of exchanging and processing information. This leads to a lot of man-hours wastage and affects workforce productivity. With SharePoint BI, you can easily access the information, use it, deploy it and maximize its ability to positively influence business decisions. It also ensures security of data and information.

How BI has become the need of the hour-

Business Intelligence in SharePoint helps business take informed decisions based on a calculated data. It finds its place across those industries where there is unlimited requirement of information. Concepts like real time BI, mobile BI, and self served BI resonates across organizations to facilitate better decision making.

Features of SharePoint BI-

Excel Services- It enables you to store an Excel workbook on a server and then allow publish any part of that workbook on a web page. The users only need a browser to view and interact with the live data.

Dashboard- It is a web page template that allows you to assemble and display information from other sources as reports, charts, metrics and KPI’s

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)- It is a visual cue that communicates the amount of progress made towards a goal. By using SharePoint KPI’s, you can know where you are, how far or behind and what is the minimum task completed.

The Report Centre- It provides a central location for BI related information. With the help of Report Centre the users can search for item by using categories, they can view a calendar of upcoming reports and subscribe to reports that are relevant.

In short, BI constantly seeks to refine and explore data while keeping all team members within an organization on the same page. It helps in gathering information from various sources namely databases, spreadsheets and any other program that a business uses. In conjunction with SharePoint Server, Microsoft Excel forms the backbone of SharePoint BI tools by giving users a familiar way to accelerate data collection and analysis.

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