Tata Photon Plus, Tata Photon Max Wi-fi & Mts Ultra Wi-fi Data Plan


Tata photon plus is one of the leading internet service provider in India. Its speed and connectivity are perhaps the best of all the networks available in the country although it may cost a bit more than its competitors.

Features of Tata photon max Wi-Fi

This data card comes with a free home delivery.

The plans are cheaper as compared to any another high speed internet connection

  • Supports up to 8GB Micro SD which means you need not carry any pen drive in order to store data.

It has got the largest network in the country.

  • Upload speed of 6.2 Mbps

It has a plug-n-play features which does not require any CD for installation.

  • The data card is compatible with almost everything which includes windows VISTA, XP and Macintosh.

The Tata photon max Wi-Fi comes with booster packs for unlimited plans in order to offer additional high speed to the consumer.

Customer can always choose these packs along with the current tariff any time during the cycle of the bill.

After the completion of three months the customer the customer can move to any plan of his choice otherwise by default he would be directed to 15 GB plan.

MTS Ultra Wi-Fi

This is also a gadget which is built for accessing internet. You can plug it into your PC or laptop and can even use it in your car.

MTS 40GB plan

MTS is offering a Hi-Speed 40GB data plan which is priced at 999INR.The MTS ultra dongle works on 3G plus and uses a very good version of CDMA technology which gives you a great speed of 9.8 Mbps till you finish with the 40GB.MTS India operates in 9 circles offering good services across the cities. Besides this MTS has good connectivity in thousands of towns and villages in the country.

MTS M Blaze Ultra

This is the plan from MTS which gives you fast internet speed along with free browsing. The MTS M Blaze Ultra comes with a plug and play feature and gives a speed of 3.1 Mbps.It comes with an upload speed 1.8 Mbps and offers Micro SD card slot for the storage of data.

The data service offered by MTS M Blaze gives you roaming services with a speed of up to 3.1 Mbps.

Tata Photon 3G Dongle

This is a device offered from Tata which promises to give high internet speed with some of the great features.

This dongle comes with a plug-n-play option and very good signal strength and supports up to 32 GB micro SD card. You can even enjoy the games in HD reception.

This 3G dongle from Tata can be connected to Windows8, Vista, Windows XP and Linux

The plans offered by Tata Photon are one of the best as they provide the right services in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Moreover the Tata photon plus has better connectivity with very economical plans to choose from.

These are some of the best options available for internet connectivity.

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