Simple And Easy Tips to Generate Organic Traffic

Generating organic traffic is dependent on the content present over the site. The site that ranks in the top notches of the google search engines has a minimum of 2000 words or text characters. Ultimately, it implies that more the content a website has, it is likely to generate organic traffic naturally. What about those people who do not have a flair for content writing or have no idea of what has to be written on their site, will Google never consider their site or rank these sites?

Researches show that sites like Mashable, Wikipedia, The New York Times and Huffington Post are the ones with the highest ranking and just like plain water it is transparent that content is the king responsible for generating this organic traffic. The uniqueness in the content that they supply is what has worked well with the targeted group of audience.

When content is created, webmasters and content curators add in keywords which is what search engines are looking for and these websites are giving more opportunities to Google for ranking them. On an average, a web page that ranks somewhere on the first page of the search engine has a minimum of 2,032 words and the pages in the top 3 positions will not compromise on anything less than 2400 words. The content on these high ranking sites generally have long tailed keywords.

Content marketing is a kind of jinxed myth that has been revolving around and buzzing up the content writing best practices strategies for years now. Let us keep this jinx aside as there are certainly some tips apart from content marketing that can actually drive organic traffic. Let us examine these tips in detail:

Sites like Upworthy, WhitePages, and Airbnb are the ones that do not depend on content marketing strategies to drive organic traffic. Despite the lack of content they have managed to achieve high rankings over the search engines. What makes the difference when has longer content than these sites, it does not manage to get the expected rank?

  • Building more pages: It does not matter whether you are contemplating to formulate your website with more content, all that matters is the number of pages your website settles for. Put in maximum effort and build more number of pages for your website as the search engines can be wooed with long tailed terms.
  • Seek links from press: How did the sites like Airbnb, White Pages and Upworthy manage to grab eyeballs and search engine rankings? It was via links that they achieved from media. The sites like “The New York Times” pondered them with a enriching exposure which not only gave their brand a reputation but also help them to achieve backlinks ultimately improving search engine traffic.
  • Valuable content: Google slaps pages with a Panda Penalty for exhibiting poor quality content. You can either create valuable web pages just like the site White Pages have done or choose to use user-generated content like customer reviews posted on sites like Yelp and Airbnb.

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