If Internet Will Shut Down Then What Will Happen

In this article I have tried to say something about the importance of internet. By the way, we all know very well what the internet is. All over the world, when multiple computers are connected with each for communication with the help of media, then we called that is Internet. Which are used to transfer the information from one computer to another. The Internet has become a part of our lives today. Which we need all the time. Our business, entertainment and other activities are depend on the internet. We have so many advantages of the Internet that we can accomplish many of the tasks we need to do in a matter of minutes at home. Of course we are not completely dependent on the internet but it is still very important in our lives.

But have we ever wondered what effect this would have on our lives if the Internet were shut down today? By the way, even without internet, all the work is done, just like we can go from one place to another, we can fulfill our daily life needs, we can also get a job. But I’m not talking about a common man. Without the Internet it can be very difficult for us to grow our business. If we talk about the world’s largest companies that currently do all their work on the Internet, such as, these companies are currently doing the most work with the help of the Internet. And a lot of people depend on these websites.If the internet shuts down today, these websites will be greatly affected and all the social media that we use on a daily basis like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. will be shut down. And everything we pay online will be discontinued.

Now let’s see who can be affected by the Internet shutdown

1. Online Transactions

Even if the Internet is down for a short time, it will be very difficult to keep track of the online transactions we make because it is very important to update them whenever we make online transactions. If transactions are not updated, both the customer and the owner may suffer.

2. Banking System down

If internet will shut down then all ATM’s will affected. We would not to able used ATM’s anytime from anywhere. And we have to travel banks for withdraw moneys and also there will be very trafic in the banks.

3. Lack of Communication

All communication platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other social medias will affected. We will not be able to talk to anyone. And entertainment is out of our lives

4. Online booking

Where we used to do all the booking work sitting at home, we had to go out of the house and line up. Such as online transportation booking, airplane booking, hotel booking.

5. Human stress

Human stress will increase because What man used to do in minutes now he has to do in hours or days. And he needs a wage earner to work right now. And it will be very difficult to calculate all this work

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