How You Are Using Cloud Computing

If you are not using cloud computing in your day to day information technology practices, you are losing the golden benefits of it. Now a days, cloud computing resources are strongly associated with IT everywhere. In current world, it is completely irrelevant to think about old system manuals when entire world is adopting cloud computing resources to grow their business. Cloud based resource provide your old infrastructure a new lifeline to generate more out of them. So here’s a important checklist for you to see if you’ve taken account of all that’s now on offer to you.

Is It What You Do or How You Do It?

There are a couple of ways to categories cloud computing. One important way is by it’s functionality and other is by the quality of cloud network. Then, they can be further combined to deliver you more options. Then you can then combine them for even more options. The combination of varieties will produce more options before you to choose. That ultimately becomes more beneficial for you as you will have the best suitable resource.

The major functionalities of cloud computing

Online storage. It can occupy data from day to day individual activities to the complete data collection of a corporation. Cloud computing infrastructure will let you to create your own private virtual data center within the premises of your cloud hosting provider.

Software as a Service. If you have an application that doesn’t have multi-user capability, cloud hosted environment is right there for you which will let you to do so. After many popular CRMs got SaaS rolling, rest of the vendors have been working hard to get it done. Even IT giant Microsoft is offering their many popular popular programs on cloud instead of selling a piece of software for local installation.

Web services and interfaces. Maximum resources live in the cloud starting from software widgets to many other components to do the way we like. API’s, payment processing and other web based services are the great examples of web services utilizing cloud computing very much.

Processing capacity. We get extremely faster resources to meet the demand of high processing capacity if we mix Saas and PaaS. It makes direct impact if you desire to have capabilities of high computing resources to give you unlimited freedom of managing multiple applications along with databases.

Managed services. If you are tired of managing your local information technology infrastructure, cloud based managed services are there to solve your purpose. If lets you to focus on your core business instead of thinking about purchasing new hardware, software resources.

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