How to Unblock YouTube With Best Speed in Pakistan

YouTube is blocked in Pakistan from the last few years, it is a big loss for those users which use it for different purposes. As everyone knows that this site is a huge source of information that may use more then millions of the people. It contains information about any work, data related to students that they get notes and more information related to their study. Most of the users use it for downloading like videos, songs and documentaries from this site. Due to restrictions now all is gone. Developers try to find out ways to get access to blocked websites, and at least they are successful in their mission and there are different ways to unblock YouTube and other websites. Most of them are slow and some are fast speed, some are free of cost and some are paid. So here are some methods that will definitely help you to get access to blocked social networking sites, although these are blocked by government, service providers or in some specific regions.

Use tutorial to unblock YouTube

This method is very fast speed and without any ads. First of all you have to download this tool, and then install it complete. Make a click on the start button and it will be started just give some minutes to open. After that it will show an IP address and you will set it in internet connection. Then open run the window and he type intecpl. Cpl and then press ok. Now enter the IP in the text box and port that is provided by surfing tunnel software. Now you will apply and then open YouTube in the browser. Now you can view your favorite site with full speed.

Through a proxy

If this tool is some, difficult for you or you are not allowed to be downloaded or making any change in your system, because most of the administrations never allow you to downloading or any change in your system then in this position you can use proxy websites to unblock YouTube by using a YouTube Proxy. This method is very simple and easy specially for students and workers which are not allowed to use in departments. This is free of cost and very easy to use when you open a proxy website, there you will find a URL box on that site. You will enter the name of your wanted website and press the enter. In few a seconds your wanted site will be open in your browser. This is a very easy way and provide you complete security and privacy. Because it is able to hide your all data, IP address, location and all activities which you have done during surfing. Your viewed sites will remain untraceable and your management also cannot trace your data.

Apart from unblocking websites or fear of any administration, there are various of your personal matters like if you use your credit card online for online shopping then your password or any other information related to your financial matter is not saved. There are always online threats and hackers, so if you want to keep safe from these hackers and online threats the must surf inter through a web proxy. It provides you safety and security without any expense.

These are two methods you can select anyone of your choice which is better for you and easily approachable.

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