How to Integrate Your Prestashop Store With Etsy Marketplace

Prestashop Etsy integration addon saves the time of the sellers by reducing the time concerned within the manual listing method. Prestashop Etsy marketplace integration extension offers them a feature to handle the inventory and order for the Etsy look orders from the Prestashop back workplace.

It could be a marketplace that works as an associate mediator between customers and artists, crafters of handmade things or collectors of vintage products. This marketplace provides a singular platform to the sellers to showcase their product in order that they will unfold awareness relating to their products and services through this platform. it’s additionally vital for the marketplace to supply the simplest services to the customers. customers prefer to have choices and alternatives to settle on from. Hence, the marketplaces are a competitor to win the sellers and supply nice services to them to attach with their stores. It has quite twenty-five million guests every month which supplies sellers a beautiful chance to succeed in a bigger audience network.

Key Benefits of the Prestashop Etsy Integration module:

  1. Simple installation and fast starting: The Etsy Prestashop integration module is put in quickly. The easy interface of the Prestashop Etsy integration extension permits a straightforward method to list the product on the marketplace.
  2. Bulk uploading of the products: By implementing of this addon, the admin will transfer the product in bulk.
  3. Mapping of the shop class with Etsy class: Sellers will simply map the merchandise attributes and class with the Etsy category with the profile-based listing of this addon.
  4. Shipping example synchronization: Produce shipping templates from the back-end of the Prestashop Etsy integration extension and sync these templates with Etsy with the assistance of the cron jobs.
  5. Order Synchronization: Manage and keep track of orders from the admin interface of this API integration addon.
  6. Order standing update: Admin will update the order standing of the this marketplace orders from with the assistance of the cron jobs offered by the Prestashop Etsy integration module.
  7. Inventory management: The admin will manage inventory for the Etsy store product from the Prestashop Back workplace. The present standing of the product is synced with the assistance of the cron jobs offered by this extension. once creating any amendment within the product inventory or attributes within the Prestashop store, they will be synchronal with Etsy at a button click with the Etsy Prestashop synchronization module.
  8. Language translations: Prestashop Etsy addon offers multi-lingual support. The admin will choose the second language and simply synchronize it with the Etsy marketplace shop through the cron job offered by Etsy Prestashop addon.

New options offered by Prestashop Etsy Addon:

  1. UX connected changes: To enhance the user expertise the interface of the shipping example has been modified and every one the choices for shipping example creation are incorporate to an identical page similar to the Etsy Marketplace interface.
  2. Code Optimization: Currently the admin will synchronize the product from the product Listings page. There are three choices for the merchandise sync.
  3. Local synchronize: Native Sync possibility permits the admin to synchronize the PrestaShop store product to this Integration module. All the products that are mapped to a Profile can get listed to the merchandise Listings and the admin will list the individual product to the Etsy Marketplace.
  4. Sync product: Synchronize Product possibility can synchronize the product to the Marketplace. All the enabled products can get synced to this Marketplace. To avoid the synchronized error the admin will choose the amount of product to sync in one go underneath the overall Settings. Cron discovered is out there to automatize the method to list the product.
  5. Sync Product standing: The admin will get the listing standing of the synced product by exploiting the synchronize Product Status.
  6. Products Listings:
  7. In case you would like to line the product as Inactive, Delete those products from this page solely (Instead from the Etsy account). Setting the merchandise as Inactive on the Etsy account directly can relist the item on the Etsy on subsequent CRON run.
  8. The admin will read the Etsy store product from the product Listings tab. Click on the Listing Id and it’ll open the Etsy store listing.
  9. The admin will read the PrestaShop store listing by clicking the merchandise Name.
  10. The admin will read the merchandise listing page in back-office by clicking the ID.
  11. Now rather than listing the variations one by one on the product Listings page, all the variations are listed underneath the merchandise name.
  12. The admin will synchronize the individual product to the Marketplace rather than listing the whole profile.
  13. The admin will Disable/Enable things before syncing and solely enabled things are going to be listed to the Etsy store.
  14. Attribute Mapping: All the PrestaShop store attributes can get synced to the Etsy Marketplace Integration module mechanically and admin simply must map these attributes to the Marketplace.
  15. Etsy class Attribute: The Etsy class Attributes are currently offered within the Marketplace Integration module. The admin will set the first Color, Secondary Color, Holiday, accent vogue.
  16. Product or class Mapping: The cover version of this Integration module offers the choice to synchronize the chosen product or entire class to the Etsy Marketplace. underneath the Profile Management tab of the Etsy Marketplace module, the admin will choose the Product/Category choice to synchronize the shop product.
  17. Custom Pricing: This module permits the admin to list the product on the Etsy marketplace at a distinct worth. The admin will amendment the worth of the product displayed at the marketplace by a set quantity or a proportion quantity. As per the need, the admin will increase or decrease the worth of the product from the back-end of the Prestashop integration addon.
  18. Sales Report: The sales report tab of this integration plugin permits the sellers to see the order and revenue report.
  19. Product Sales Report: The admin will even read the sales report of a specific product from the back-end of the Prestashop Etsy integration plugin.
  20. Shop Section: The Prestashop addon offers associate degree possibility of adding a store section within the front-end of the Etsy marketplace to the e-sellers. The look section permits the admin to reason the product in an exceedingly specific class. The created look section is going to be displayed at your Etsy look.
  21. Product Description Template: The e-sellers will use totally different placeholders for his or her product description to create it a lot of impactful.

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