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In the current scenario, where the world relies heavily on digital data, proper data storage is the need of the hour. Capitalizing over this welcome opportunity, companies into this business are leaving no stone unturned in introducing cost-effective yet secure solutions for data storage. Bates Data Security, the leading company in Data security business promotes this very idea through a wide selection of secure data storage solutions at its online store.

The South Africa based company offers USB flash drive, USB hard drive, and portable hard drive among others to store your data securely. Buying these devices would be effective in keeping your data safe and free of intrusion, thanks to the PIN code access feature they accompany. Moreover, they offer incredible data storage space, hence acting as ideal gadgets to take care of your confidential data. Some of them are described here in brief.

iStorage datAshur

USB Flash drives are rarely secure, but the iStorage datAshur bets to differ. It is an easy-to-use, highly secure, and cost-competent device. For added safety, it accompanies PIN code access and military grade AES 256-bit encryption. It also comprises a rechargeable battery to allow you enter a 7-15 digit PIN onto the on-board keyboard. This comes handy in keeping the device charged prior to connecting it to the USB port. In case, your datAshur is lost unfortunately, the real-time encryption done using hardware engine protects it from unauthorised access. When removed from the USB port of your device, it gets turned off automatically.

iStorage diskAshur

A safe, secure, and encrypted USB 3.0 Hard Drive, this device is yet another stunner from the company. The device offers you to choose from among 256-bit or AES-XTS 128 hardware encryption. It also lets you transfer data at a blazingly fast speed, which is 10X than USB 2.0 and is backward compatible with 1.1 ports and USB 2.0.

iStorage diskAshurDT

World’s first portable hardware encrypted hard drive; this device holds a staggering capacity to store 3TB data. It leverages military grade AES 256-bit encryption, which encrypts the entire stored data in real time. The hard drive cannot be brute force attacked, is not vulnerable to keyloggers, and can be used on any PC, Mac, or Linux machine without requiring any software. Rugged and portable design, together with 6-16 digit PIN further increment its importance.

iStorage diskAshurSSD

It is a highly compact, cost-effective, and secure portable hard drive and solid state drive (SSD). Allows PIN code access and utilizes AES 256-bit encryption. Among its highlights, include NIST Certified encryption algorithm, secure PIN access, platform independent, integrated USB cable, and more.

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