Why Do You Hire Professional Cleaners in London For After Builders Cleaning?

Building your new home is an important investment. Even after the building works are completed, you can’t move in right away. Though most builders clean up themselves, you will need a professional cleaning company in London to make your newly built home spotlessly clean.

When it comes to after builders cleaning, your biggest concern is dust. Each and everything might seem new in your property; but all surfaces, fixtures and fittings should be wiped down from dust. This is a tiring and troublesome work, if you want a dust free clean and sparkling home. This is another reason why you should hire professional cleaners in London.

General Cleaning
Builders dust may be trapped, spread into the air or land in a new location. With high levels of dust produced during the construction process, you will need to clean up multiple times for complete removal. This is why all surfaces should be vacuumed thoroughly using different types of mops, brushes and attachments.

Kitchen –
The kitchen is the heart and also the most difficult area of the home to clean. It needs your attention the most, while cleaning up.

Clean in a top to bottom pattern – start with walls, lightings and windows.

Damp wipe the kitchen cupboards from inside and out and also the handles.

Wipe the appliances with damp cloth and polish them with a soft cloth.

Vacuum and damp wipe the shelving, doors, ledges and skirting.

Vacuum the floor thoroughly all around, behind and under the furniture.

Mop the floor with a suitable product for wooden or marble tiled floors.

Living Room, Bedroom and Hall
The living areas of your home should be cleaned in a top to bottom approach to get rid of dust from every corner including hard-to-reach areas.

Start with vacuuming all around the corner, walls, fixtures and fittings to soak in as much dust as possible.

Wash the window frames and windows inside, leaving them clean and dust-free.

Vacuum and damp wipe down furniture, and move them around carefully.

Vacuum and mop the floors thoroughly, making sure that there are no debris.

Professional cleaners in London provide superior standard cleaning solutions and focus on gleaming, sparklingly clean bathroom.

Vacuum all the surfaces thoroughly and get rid of dust particles

Wash the window frame and window gently

Damp wipe fixings, lighting, mirrors, tiles and start dry polishing

De-scale, disinfect, wipe and polish showers, bath tubs, and taps

Wipe down all ledges and corners

Clean up skirting, doors with handles

Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors

Final Consideration –
A professional cleaning company in London has access to state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to making sure to transform your space a beautiful and hygienic space to live in. Within a short time span, they will do wonders by putting the icing on the cake of your newly built home.

Finally, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your new home knowing that all the dust particles are removed from every corner and everything is clean and tidy. All you need is to find professional cleaners in London to do the after builders cleaning only for you.

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