Understanding The Methodology Of Tile Levelling Through Professional Eyes

In the department of construction levelling of tiles is a major service. There are various ways and equipment for tile levelling. Tile levelling clips are the most important one in this arena. The purpose of this clip is to hold and minimize the pressure of the tile and to have a uniformity in the sequence while fixing them together.

The number of clips required depends on the size and the type of grouting joints to be maintained with a particular size of tiles. There are many types of clips available in the market. According to the size of the tiles the clip’s size is to be maintained. The levelling clips are set according to the required lipping areas on the tiles. The clips provide a certain pressure over the lippage and hold them together to create a level surface on the floor or on the walls wherever required. These clips act as spacer and helps to maintain a uniform gap in between the tiles.

The materials which used to produce such clips are tested and checked by every means. Better the quality they become more flexible and strong to withstand the process. If the shape and quality of the clips are poor, then while putting the clips in between the tiles it will snap.

The clips are available in various thickness and sizes. The general thickness is 3mm-12mm thick. For better adjustability, clips should be bought from promised and certified store dealing hardware goods.

There are other equipment also in the arena of tile levelling system.

  • Wedges – it is a tool used in levelling system. The base of the tool is flat on one side and on the other teeth like structure to measure thickness of the tile.
  • 3D spacers – a tool to maintain consistency in gap keeping.
  • Tile levelling pliers – it is a type of plier which assist in putting a wedge into the clip.

The best part about this clip is that, if you are experienced enough in the field of levelling you can finish the job by your own. There are many agencies who pay these services. They too recommend the use of the best quality clips and there are many shopping site which deals in hardware construction goods. Before levelling you must make sure about the measurement of the area and the thickness of the tiles. On the basis of the measurement clips are to be set and the further proceedings are to be done. Tile levelling clips are re-useable in nature and if brought from a renowned brand you can even keep them without any problem. After setting the clips, now you can measure the gaps with the spacers and wedges and bridge it accordingly without breaking the uniformity. The clips of different thickness mostly in use are- 1.5mm tile clip. This type is suitable for the tiles of 6-12 mm thickness. 1.5mm clip is available in carton quantities ranging from 500-3000.

3mm tile clip which is suitable to for the tiles of 6-12mm. The availability of this clip is 500-3000 per carton.14-20mm stone clip specially designed for walls and floors. The thickness of this clip is 2mm thick and is suitable for using on 14mm-20mm thick stone or tiles.

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