Tips on Choosing an HVAC Contractor

When looking for commercial HVAC companies check their experience and talk to their previous clients about the service they have provided.

Be aware of HVAC contractors that give you an estimate over the phone

Just as two automobiles cannot be the same, two air conditioning units are also not the same. There are various factors that a technician unable to solve over the phone. This includes the condition of ducting, the exact amount of registers in each room, type of insulation, type of windows and many other factors. After taking note of all these things, a trained HVAC contractor will be doing a Manual-J calculation for your air conditioner. All these cannot be done over the phone as the contractors who are doing an either inexperienced or trying to gain your business without using gas and time required for a visit. An experienced one will be crawling in your attic, crawl spaces and walking around the entire house.

Make sure the Contractor does not replace your old system with the same type of unit as before

On average, an air conditioner unit lasts ten to fifteen years. Is the same brand that you bought during the 1990s the same you bought in 2000s? A trained contractor will be recommending different options to bring your house up to date as well as increase the efficiency of your house. If the commercial HVAC companies are trying to sell you an older model, then keep in mind that they are unloading some of their own inventory. Choose authentic companies that keep minimum inventory and customize the ac unit for your house and uses the most energy efficient units. When you do not have any authorized dealer near your area, ask your contractor to buy a new system instead of using their old inventory. It is rare to have the same system you require will be laying at the warehouse and all AC units are not the same. Always choose the proper size rather than the model.

When checking the experience of the commercial HVAC companies, take it with a grain of salt

It is true that the top companies have a wealth of experience but wary of people who claim that they have been doing things in a particular way for the last fifteen to twenty years because like another technology, air conditioning business is also changing fast. Currently, there are exciting and new technologies that are more cooling efficient and decrease your utility costs. Verify that your contractor is well versed with the latest technologies including the updated HVAC control units – a computer that runs your business or home’s AC system for you, programmable with preferences and schedules. Experience is not everything. There are some talented technicians having a computer background who are in their early thirties.

The commercial HVAC companies must be licensed by the State License Board

Look for a licensed HVAC contractor who can manipulate gas lines as well as plumbing and electrical applications. The companies must have a license number displayed on their offices and their websites. Please avoid a company that does not own a license.

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