Reasons Why Insulating Your Home is a Worthy Investment

Insulating your home is one of the most effective ways to prevent the wastage of energy and keeping your home cool during summer and warm in winter. When it comes to insulation, the common types include loft or roof insulation and wall insulation. Now, insulators are made of various materials, but you can get the best solution from a spray foam insulation contractor. Spray foam is regarded as one of the best ways to seal the spaces between the framing studs in the attic and walls. With time, the house might contract and expand, and so will the spray foam insulation; therefore, it will be eliminating any kind of spaces and cracks for the air inside to escape. In case you are still wondering if insulating your home is a worthwhile investment, below given are some compelling reasons why you should insulate right away.

Increases the value of your house

If you are planning to sell your home in the future, a well-insulated home with a favourable energy rating will fetch you a good price for your property. Insulated homes are eco-friendly and have a comfortable indoor environment, which leaves a favourable impression on potential buyers or renters.

Makes your home a healthy place to live

With home or loft insulation, the ROI is not just financial. You are actually investing in the health of the occupants of the building, including yourself. Spray foam insulation combined with proper wall and roof ventilation will make sure that fresh air is always able to replace the stale air indoor, which might contain pollutants, moisture, odour and smoke. As a matter of fact, there are several studies that point towards a link between health and proper insulation of homes. In insulated homes, fewer people are admitted to the hospital due to respiratory illnesses. Also, occupants of insulated homes are less prone to conditions like, colds, asthma and bronchitis.

Reduces the carbon footprint

As you must be aware, global warming is a dangerous threat and it is very real. Greenhouse gas emissions are a contributing factor in the global rise in temperature, which is reportedly having devastating consequences across the world. Eco insulation has different purposes – to decrease carbon emissions that are associating with cooling and heating, and to keep you comfortable. By insulating your home, you will be able to reduce the carbon footprint of your house by minimising the amount of energy that you use on a daily basis.

With a reduction of energy use, you get to save a lot on your energy bills. So, it can be said that the insulation actually pays you back in the long run and helps you save a lot more money than what you have spent.

Protects your home from damage

A poorly insulated or uninsulated home is always at a risk of damage from condensation and moisture. When the surface temperature of a roof or wall dips below or reaches the dew point of the air, condensation takes place. Condensation might form inside of the building or just on the surface. If it forms inside the building component, it may not have any kind of symptoms and become really difficult to detect until the time it has become worse. Irrespective of the form of condensation, it runs the risk of causing permanent damage to your home’s structure. It may even encourage the growth of mould and lead to poor indoor air quality and respiratory problems. Slowly, but surely, the structural integrity of your house will be poorly affected and you may have to consider completely renovating your home.

So, it can be said that home or loft insulation is a worthy investment, which will not only help reduce the carbon footprint and your energy bills, but also create a safe and healthy indoor environment for staying. The next step is to find the best loft insulation solution and for that, you can speak to a spray foam insulation contractor.

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