Reasons as to Why You Should Shift to Somfy Motorized Blinds

Reasons as to Why You Should Shift to Somfy Motorized Blinds

The main purpose of using home automation solutions is for making our daily lives easy and smooth. Since everything runs on a remote control, the need for you to get up and open the blinds is not required any more. Just press the desired button on the remote control and the Somfy motorized blinds will automatically open. The remote runs on high torque thereby ensuring that there is no sound at all. However, there are still some people who believe in the old school method of using curtains and drapes in their home. They are hesitant to shift to home automation solutions. To help them get out of this dilemma and to make them more comfortable in using motorized blinds, today we are going address some common question surrounding the motorized blinds.

Is it safe to use Somfy motorized blinds?
Yes, of course. What made you think that it will not be safe? The motorized blinds are made using the highest quality of material. The blinds are then quality tested before being launched in the market. Thus there is nothing to worry about.

What about warranty on Somfy motorized blinds?
Each product from the house of Somfy has 5 years warranty on it. In case, if ever anything happens, Somfy will either repair it or replace it free of cost. You don’t have to bear any kind of expenses if anything happens within the warranty period.

Are the Somfy motorized blinds expensive?
If you compare the cost with curtain and drapes then yes they are expensive. But if you compare it with other motorized blinds in the market then they are not. The Somfy motorized blinds are complete value for money. You can be rest assured of the product for the next 5 years from the date of purchase.

Do they offer installation service?
This depends from store to store. The particular store from where you are purchasing the item will decide whether they will send over a professional for installing the blinds. However, when you buy the Somfy motorized blinds from an authorized store, they will send over a professional to install it. In fact, the professional will also give a demo to make you understand how the whole thing operates. Moreover, you can always refer to the manual in case of any confusion.

What about customer care service?
Most of the stores have 24 X 7 customer care service. If you face any issue and contact the customer service department, you can expect to get prompt reply at all the times.

We hope that we have covered all the areas on which you had confusion or doubts. If you still have queries and would love to know the answers to those questions, please feel free to comment and share your viewpoints. We would love to hear from you. In the meantime why don’t you opt for Somfy motorized blinds? Use it to experience the difference. We are sure that you will have no queries once you start using the product.

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