How to Turn a Bad Wall Into an Attractive Piece of Art

Let’s talk about some of the ways in which you cannot just fix up a bad wall, in a budget but also make sure that it looks attractive, creative and classy. These days you can use a variety of things to fix it first and then use different ideas to make it look nice, creative and appealing.

The first task, undoubtedly will be to fix the wall if you have not already, and only if it is a bad wall that you have to cover. There are different ways to fix up damages and issues. These are as follows:

Using drywall mud-

With dry wall mud one has the liberty of experimentation with the mud as you can work up different and interesting texture after putting it up on the wall to camouflage the imperfection on the wall. As mentioned already you have the liberty to apply the texture in different ways so as to create something artistically beautiful and unique. You can use different types of brush to apply the mud and create different textures. You can create spirals, or give it a woven appearance. After application let it dry for least 24 hours, without disturbing it. Make sure that you do not put any paint before it dries up. After it dries up, you can put the paint. You can also choose to apply some glaze to bring out the best of the texture.

Faux painting-

Have you ever thought of working with the imperfections, rather than trying to cover them up, to create something artistically unique, like faux painting? This is actually a very unique consideration and if you are able to pull it off, it can make the wall look very good and unique.

Peel-and-Stick Tiles-

You are looking for some quick and sassy solution for your wall, consider trying out peel-and-stick tiles. These can come in handy. These are as effective as the adhesive wallpaper. It is just that with these adhesive tile papers, you can make it look really sassy. It can very effectively mimic the real thing. In the process, it can be a very good and quick solution to hide the patches of imperfection on the wall. Although it can be used for large walls, it is mostly effective for small areas that need covering on the wall.

Using photo frames in strategic way-

this is the part where having fixed the wall, you proceed to make it look supremely attractive. You can make use of photographs in much strategic manner to creative very beautiful patterns and stylized wall. These days you can find a variety of attractions and newness to try, as far as buying photo frames Online is concerned. Photo -frames are just the perfect things that you need for the way. You can use photo frames of different shapes and sizes and arrange them in an orderly fashion to get the most optimal appearance on the wall. You have to make sure that the number of frames and the size of the wall is proportionate. Do not over do it. Photo frames have become great points of wall decor and seems very promising. You can also use vases on accent furniture such as hallway tables, against a part of the wall, especially the corner side. You can find a wide array of options for Vases online . Also, to decorate the walls with Photo Frames, you can consider the wide range of sites.

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