How to Properly Choose Window Types for your Home in Southwest Florida

If you’re in the market for windows for your new or renovated home in Southwest Florida, you’ve probably noticed the wide range of options that are available. With different sizes, frames, colors, glazing, and styles, the variety can be a little overwhelming. Guardian Hurricane will present all your options to you.

So here are how to properly choose window types for your home in Southwest Florida.

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to make sure the windows you choose comply with your requirements. These standards apply to the windows themselves, and also to the ways in which they’re used. For example, opening restrictions and screens are mandatory for windows in certain places and heights in order to reduce the risks of small children falling through them. Consult with Guardian Hurricane, your builder and/or architect to find out which standards you need to look for and adhere to.

Where possible, visit the showroom at Guardian Hurricane so you can see potential windows in person. You’ll get a much better idea of the look and feel of a window or door when it’s displayed in its proper context, or an imitation of its proper context. Visiting in person also allows you to touch and feel the windows , so you can physically experience the quality – or lack thereof.

The windows you select also need to fit the purpose they’re meant to fulfill. If you want privacy in a ground-floor bathroom, for instance, you’ll want glass windows . For maximum light or showcasing a view, large glass sliding windows that come in large configurations, are probably what you’re looking for. If ventilation’s important to you, you’re obviously not going to want fixed windows. On the other hand, sliding and louvre windows will all fit the bill nicely.

You can’t have a home without windows – that would be a doomsday bunker. But because windows are a home’s weak point, it’s important to factor security options into your choices. Your window’s height relative to the ground, locks, the strength of the glass, and the quality of your security screens or safety screens will all factor into the security of your windows.

You don’t just want to coordinate your windows with your home’s architectural style. You also want to match or coordinate the frame color with your roof, walls, and maybe even your driveway. Most aluminum window frames are available in greys, blacks, beiges, browns, and even yellows and blues. So there should always be a color to suit your home.

Approximately 40% of all energy consumed in Southwest Florida homes is used for cooling. The vast majority of your home’s AC loss and heat gain come from windows, so choosing energy efficient windows can have a real effect on your power bills. Your window’s design, glass type, glazing, and seals determine how energy efficient it is.

Of course, the windows you buy ultimately have to fit within your budget. That’s why it’s important to prioritize which features are most important to you. Are you particularly concerned with energy efficiency and security? Then you need to invest in windows that fit this bill, even if that means you miss out on better acoustic shielding. By prioritizing the features you’re looking for, you can ensure you choose the best windows and doors for your budget.

Our window selection in Southwest Florida guide covers these points and more at Guardian Hurricane.

If you’d like extra advice on choosing the right windows for your home, check our website today, or check out our window and door products for in-depth details about their different features and benefits at Guardian Hurricane and don’t hesitate to call us!

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