How Do You Keep Your Area Rug Clean?

Area rugs decorate every home interior for a quite long time. To maintain its beauty, aesthetics and functionality, you should keep your oriental rug in top condition. But before that, you need to know its aesthetics. They are made from natural fibres and need special care as well as attention to every detail. Once you know how to treat your area rug, its maintenance process becomes simple as it sounds.

Remember that, it’s not just your carpets that need special attention when it comes rug cleaning in SW6. In fact, you need to clean area rugs more often than your carpet as they are the first and foremost thing your shoes touch while entering your home. However, dirt particles, collected from outdoors onto your shoes gets absorbed on the rug even if most of them wiped off on the mat before you enter.

However, the stains and spills greatly impact on the area rugs. With the latest advanced stain products and supplies, most Fulham area rug cleaning specialists have the ability to clean stains, moisture, red wine spills.

If you don’t dry the spot right after its cleaning, the buildup of mould increases. Mould is something that can destroy your oriental rug. Therefore, you should dry out the moisture thoroughly. Even, some types of stains need dilution. If you will do this, you should never get your flooring soaking wet.

You should allow the professionals for rug cleaning in SW6 to apply suitable stain removal products on your area rug and let it do its magic for a while. Otherwise, rinse using slightly damp cloth and absorb the remaining moisture with the dry cloth.

It’s highly suggested to leave the windows wipe open to let your oriental carpet become air dry. If the weather is not perfect, use a hair dryer directly on the affected spot. Your professional area rug cleaners will be there to clean up your valuable rugs effortlessly.

Again, if you find pet urine stains on your area rug, you need to handle them differently. After all, pet urine is acidic in nature and bleaches your oriental rug literally, if you leave it untreated for long. Cleaning process is same like treating other kind of stains; but you need to neutrilise the urine.

Henceforth, it’s better to use an enzyme based cleaning solution to remove specific odour like pet urine. You need to read the label thorough before cleaning up – some enzymatic products should stay longer than others. After you’re done, rinse and dry your area rug very well to get rid of mould buildup.

Moreover, appearances really do matter, when it comes to area rug cleaning in Fulham. The more visits your home receives, the more unattractive your rug becomes and probably leave a very bad impression to your guests. The dirtier the rug gets, the more damage it causes to the fibres. So, your rug should be cleaned on a fairly regular basis.

Vacuuming it regularly can be a good thing; most often you find heavier, deeply embedded mess, causing dreaded matting effect. Rather than risking for further damage or colour fading, you should hire a cleaning company offering rug cleaning in Fulham.

The professional cleaners are fully-trained and vetted specialists with expert knowledge and skills to perform the right area rug cleaning for every type of rug material.

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