Expert Tips to Style Your Bed in Five Minutes

Each part of your home should reflect your personality, your choices and the way you think. It can be creative, soothing, well-designed, fancy or exuberant. It can be of any kind. But making sure of your home interior to be clean and tidy is something that comes generally. Whether your home is packed with stuff or partially pack or maybe slightly empty. It all depends on how good you are in arranging and placing stuff at your home. Especially your bed is one place that requires constant setting and fixing.

We are bringing some expert tips to style your bed in five minutes. Here they are…

1. Placements of Cushions:

This seems easy and it surely is. The proper placement of your bed cushions should be one of a kind to make you bed look amazing. Pick cozy and extra stuffed cushions so that you can place them on your bed instantly just after you wake up and put bedsheet properly on it. Arrange two cushions lined up in the middle and two on each side of the bed. This will take no longer than two minutes and your bed will look tidy and clean again.

2. Frill Look on the Edges of Bedsheet:

This is quite common but adding a frill look around the corners of your bedsheet will make your bed look great and fancy. These sorts of bedcovers are available in the market and they can be made at home easily by adding more fabric on the corners of your bed cover. Especially, with the Italian style canopy beds, they look really elegant such as fitted sheets king size .

3. Comforter/blankets Placed on Top:

If you are in a hurry and you don’t have much time to set your bed then you can just fix the bed according to your ease. Just the way you want and place the comforter or blanket in a stylish way. Now many people choose to set it in a normal folded way which is okay but it will not be creative at the same time. So folding your comforter from one side and edges properly will give some untrendy look. You can always go for a simple setting and easy if you want.

4. Don’t Overload Your Bed:

Simplicity is the best thing. If you are rushing you might not consider setting your bed with fancy additional stuff and it could be anything of your choice. Perhaps more small pillows or extra blankets on sides etc. For quick and easy styling just pick the simple way and elegance. Overloading with stuff will give a messed up look to your bed that you will not want to have.

5. Choose the Best Colors:

If you are inclined to have your bed simple then it’s a good idea. You can have beige bedcover with a printed quilt or a dark one tone colored blanket will also look good especially when you have off white or completely white bedcover. You can pick any nice color of your choice and complement your room bedding style with it. In no time you will have a great comfy bed.

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