Essential Pool Supplies And Tips to Maintain a Clean Pool

Maintenance of the swimming pool is essential, especially during summer. However, many homeowners may forget about the vital details and specifics about disinfecting a swimming pool. If you want to stay safe and ensure that the waters are sparkling clean, then you’re on the right page.
Essential Pool Supplies and Tips to Maintain a Clean Pool

Essential Pool Supplies and Tips to Maintain a Clean Pool

Know that you don’t have to be an expert to be able to clean your pool. What you can do is to go with the best above ground pool cleaning supplies that can remove bacteria, mold, algae, and other impurities around and inside your swimming pool. These pieces of equipment can be available online or from your local shops. Aside from this, here are other things that you should do.

What to Clean your Pool With

1. Use Baking Soda

The chemicals are undoubtedly effective in removing contaminants and cleaning the water inside the swimming pool. However, if these chemical solutions are not available at the moment, you can try products that you can find at home, like baking soda.
Most of the stores suggest using sodium bicarbonate as an excellent alternative for you to control the alkalinity without necessarily reducing the pH level. Of course, it’s best if you can get the best supplies and solutions to get the job done, but sodium bicarbonate can be a fraction of the price.
Take a look at the boxes with sodium bicarbonate in them and forget about the mathematical conversions at the labels. You just need the same amount of concentration of sodium bicarbonate per pound, similar to that of other solutions. Add water, and they would give you excellent results. Read more about sodium bicarbonate on this site here.

2. Shock a Cloudy Pool

When you find that the water is too cloudy, you should not hesitate to shock the pool. While this may be fitting for the ones used by the general public, you may want to look at how everything is after you’ve hosted a big party for the night. There’s a good chance that it was murkier after the big bash celebration.
The murkiness is caused by bacteria and viruses that you wouldn’t want to swim into. The shocking process is usually done when you dramatically increase the levels of chlorine in a short amount of time to kill the bacteria. You can dilute five times the average chlorine amount that you usually use for sanitization.
Pour everything into the water and look at it slowly returning to life. Filter the excess solutions and slowly refill the swimming pool with water. It’s worth mentioning that shocking too often can damage the sidings, and you should do this process once or twice every season.

3. Keep an Eye on the Levels of Water

The chemical composition of the water, like its alkalinity, is essential, but the physical levels should not be neglected as well. These levels can naturally fluctuate after an afternoon of the children playing several rounds of cannonballs or heavy rain.
If you notice that the levels are too low, you need to get a garden hose to fill some of it in. If it’s high enough, you can use a submersible pump that you can rent out from a shop to drain off the excess. If the liners are made with fiberglass or vinyl, know that the pumps can easily damage this, so you should consider hiring a professional to do the work instead. When the appropriate water levels are reached, check the chemicals with the test kits, see if they were thrown off balance and readjustments.

4. Tennis Balls Can Absorb Oils

Most of the time, people think that they will play catch when there are tennis balls inside the swimming pool. However, in reality, most owners are using these handy toys to get the oils left behind by the swimmers. These can be the skin’s natural oils, hair products like shampoo and conditioners, and suntan lotions. Learn more about natural oil removal here:
While this is a very unpleasant thought for some, the solution is to throw tennis balls out there and let them absorb the excess oils. Their fibers are very absorbent with oil, and you won’t have to see those sleek sheens that are often seen on top of the water when someone has finished swimming.

5. Power Wash the Decks

Essential Pool Supplies and Tips to Maintain a Clean Pool

Essential Pool Supplies and Tips to Maintain a Clean Pool

The area surrounding the pool is also critical. You can help remove dirt, dust, algae, and mold on the deck with the help of power washers. The pressure washer will help get rid of the weather stains, and you can get them from a home improvement shop in your area.
Start the process by sweeping the errant leaves and dirt to spread them around during the power washing process. The machine should be set into a medium spray so the surface debris can be removed easier.

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