Asbestos – A Risk For Living Being

All the property made between the mid 90s is at risk because they can contain asbestos in them. Asbestos is a material which can turn into powder if disturbed. Buildings containing asbestos has lived up to their use now in any condition like fire, weather or even human intervention they can be friable and release fibers. Concrete fibers if inhaled can cause diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

In some states it is illegal to try and remove asbestos by yourself. Only licensed asbestos removalists can remove concrete. It is highly recommended to take professional help because asbestos fibers can cause some very serious danger to your health. You can take help from Asbestos removal services in Melbourne to prevent any kind of risk. Professional removalists are well equipped and prepared to face any concrete related issues.

There are few ways you can prevent any risks from asbestos:


You can tear down your entire home in order to make a new one. If you are planning to break down your entire home to renovate, you should check if your building contains asbestos or not because it can be risky for people who will be working there during the construction. It is important to take every step carefully to ensure your property is not at risk by inspecting it. If it is contaminated take help and then go through with the process so the people working are prepared for prevention of any asbestos health hazards.

Demolition is very risky for people involved in the process. Fibers can be present in the air. Demolition is not the only option to abatement of concrete.


The processes of not knocking down the whole building but only remove the asbestos containing things are removal. It is a time consuming and expensive depending upon the complexity of the situation.

Professional removalists can remove asbestos to prevent any kind of risk that asbestos possesses. Take help from any licensed services asbestos removal in Melbourne and live a risk free life.


Encapsulation includes covering asbestos-containing materials. Any protecting coating to prevent asbestos from harming any living being is encapsulation. It is efficient in eradicating disposal and is very effective in concrete management.

They cover it with a thin liquid with hard setting quality and are called the encapsulant. It is mixed with 50 percent water and exposed directly to asbestos containing material so that it can’t release any fibers.


Encasement is similar to encapsulation but there are few differences in long-term effect. Here are few differences:

  • The water containing spray is thicker and possesses elastomeric property which allows water to adhere to the surface.
  • The spray applied in both encapsulation and encasement differs by their amount.
  • Once encasement is done outer surface of it is strongly resistant to any outside damaging force.


Enclosure basically means covering any concrete containing material through plywood or gypsum. Asbestos containing areas can be covered using enclosure in commercial asbestos removal in Melbourne before encapsulation or encasement.

Enclosure does not protect from indirect exposure from concrete. It can protect from direct exposure to asbestos. It is used as short time remedy prior to removal or encapsulation.

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