The Right Accessories For Dolls To Make Your Doll Look Genuinely Unique

Embellishing & Accessorizing your Doll Clothes

After finishing a darling small doll outfit from your doll clothes sewing patterns, one is now set for the finishing touches to embellish and accessorize your creation to the place where it’s completely amazing and unique. Whatever the purpose for your doll clothes creation, the uniqueness really is in the details! Planning the accessories for dolls will make sewing doll clothes a best-liked pastime also!

What different details can you add that makes this a one of a kind creation? Should you add small appliques? minature buttons? colorful trim or intricate lace? sequins? clip-on earrings? rhinestones? What’ll make the doll’s clothing extraordinary? Maybe a small amount of hand embroidery will add just the finishing touch to make the doll’s clothes appear unique and add your original stamp on it.

Take a peek at young girls around and notice what the current trends are. What types of jewelry do you see? What is the popular style of clothing that will appeal to the dolly’s owner?

Since jewelry making has become a popular craft among young girls, perhaps you can build a matching necklace for the little girl and her dolly. Headbands are a continually revolving trend, but often the fabric is what changes. Sequins or T-shirt fabric sewn into ribbon make a cute headband and a cute, casual look.

Maybe one could think of the personality of the child who will have the doll. Should your dolly be prissy or a tomboy? Serious or fun? A fake string of pearly beads might be just the appearance you want. Shoes, jewelry, and purses are important accessories for making the doll one-of-a-kind. Maybe your dolly needs a beach towel, cute swimsuit, umbrella, and Frisbee. Or maybe she needs a recyclable grocery bag made from canvas with clay fruits and veggies in it! Or is your doll assisting in the garden and can use some garden tools, a straw hat, and sloggers or chore boots? Could dolly use a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers? Or would she like a tiara and a formal gown? Perhaps she needs a pet made out of flannel or that scrap of fuzzy, furry fabric? Or a stack of fire wood and a sleeping bag? Accessories are what make it fun!

Choosing whether the dolly will be a modern day fashion child or an antique style from time past will also help accessorize and embellish as how you will sew the dolly’s clothes.

If you’re sewing for a home business, consider the possible idea of if this is something that one can reproduce or if it’s just a one-time enjoyable project. Regardless, have a good time adding accessories for dolls with the perfect shade of glamour!

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