Reasons to Cremate And Scatter

Losing a loved one who is close to you is one of the most traumatic and painful experiences that most of us will endure and it’s something that can change us forever. However while we will be irrevocably changed in any case, it is important to ensure that we and those others around us, get at least some semblance of closure so that we can move on with our lives and be as psychologically healthy as possible – and that means doing the wake and doing the burial or cremation right.

One thing to consider during this difficult time is whether we are going to bury or cremate and what we are going to do with the ashes if we go for the latter option. While each option will appeal to different people and this is entirely a matter of choice, opting to cremate and then scatter the ashes is a particularly pleasant choice. Here we will look at why.

It’s Final

The nice thing about scattering ashes is that it means that the person is truly gone and that you have only your memories left. While this can seem immensely painful at the time, it is also incredibly important to be able to move on and in some ways it is the most respectful to the deceased. If you maintain a grave for instance, then at first this gives you somewhere to mourn and lets people bring flowers, but with time it will ultimately mean that you will see the grave deteriorate as you move away. At the same time if you have an urn full of ashes this can be a nice physical reminder of the person you loved – but again if something should happen to it such as it getting dropped or lost then this can be immensely distressing all over again. With scattered ashes you have no such dangers.

It’s Simple

At the same time with cremation you don’t have any complications that can come from burying. For instance if you are a widow who has two husbands then you might have made a pact to get buried with the first husband only to find yourself torn when you have been married to your new husband even longer. Being cremated is simple and leaves no complications.

It’s Cheaper

While it’s sad that this must be an issue, unfortunately it really does have to be for many families and survivors who don’t have the money to fund a big funeral and then a coffin and a plot of land. With affordable cremation you can say goodbye without breaking the bank.

It’s Symbolic

When you scatter the ashes of your loved one this gives you another chance to say goodbye that feels symbolic and that reunites them with an area that will have had special meaning to them in life or that they would really have loved to have been settled in. This is a fitting end for many people and one that can help us come to terms with our loss and importantly to accept it for what it is.

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