It is All Downhill From Now on

When it comes to sledging it really is all downhill or at least it should be for most of the time. Indeed if you wish to maximize the amount of time that you spend sledging downhill then you should opt to purchase a sledge that is nice and lightweight in order that it is as easy as possible to tow or carry back uphill, in order that you do not tire of simply pulling the sledge along.

Whereas a couple of decades ago you were really only able to purchase traditional wooden sledges, with the advent of modern plastics and injection molding it is now possible to purchase a wide range of sledges in different shapes and colors. Being made out of plastic then the majority of modern sledges are relatively light in weight. However it is worthwhile taking some time to review your choice of sledge as they do very considerably in quality, and you may find some on the market place that appear to be cheap but are so for a reason. This is because some unscrupulous sellers offer sledges that are made out of ‘normal’ plastics. The problem is whilst they outwardly look to be relatively well made the problem is that ‘normal’ plastic can become extremely brittle at subzero temperatures such as those you are most likely to encounter whilst you are out sledging!

So you need to ensure that the model you are purchasing is made out of plastic that has been specifically designed to work at temperatures below freezing point as if not you could find the model that you have purchased literally disintegrates before your very eyes the first time that it hits a bump.

Well if you want to purchase a sledge that is ultra lightweight and features some padding to absorb the bumps you may encounter whilst hurtling downhill, then you could opt to purchase a foam core sledge. Typically these models will seat one or two people and can be used sitting down, or kneeling down and with larger models you can even use them lying down. They have a shiny underside with a 1 inch foam core over the top of this, which absorbs bumps unlike a rigid plastic model.

These foam sledges are virtually indestructible and as such are ideal for teenagers, and they also feature strong grab handles, which can be used to aid in steering them downhill.

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