How To Manage Conflicts In Your Relationship?

how to manage conflicts in your relationship

how to manage conflicts in your relationship

Arguments, fights and disagreements are inevitable in any relationship. When two people with different choices spend a lot of time with each other, it becomes quite hard to be openly expressive about the other’s opinions. Sometimes, to avoid conflicts, people stop sharing their opinions, pretend to agree or afraid to express how they feel. Even in some cases, people become aggressively stubborn in their relationship and try to dominate the other person. In such a situation disagreements come up and may lead to an ugly end of the relationship.
Thus, the way you deal with the conflicts with your partner determines that if your relationships are going to be stable or not. However, the conflicts can be small to big, ranging from where to go for a vacation or failing to accomplish daily household chores to the upbringing (or raising) of children. Here are some tips on how to stay calm and manage conflicts in your relationships:
Say It Clearly: To lead a healthy relationship, it is important to have transparency and openness while communicating with your partner. If you feel like you need to talk about money, career aspirations, the upbringing of children or the future, say it clearly. If you can’t express your feelings openly with your partner, then you may be stuck in an abusive relationship.
Maintain a Respectful Demeanor During Aggressive Discussions: During heated conversations, don’t start insulting your partner and cross lines. Make sure you don’t bring up personal things during the arguments no matter what is the reason behind the heated conversation between you and your partner.
Find The Root Of The Issue: Sometimes, people fight because their expectations do not meet. For instance, if it is a holiday and you are planning for a party with your friends, while your partner wants you to designate some quality time with him/her. Thus, to understand the conflict, it is important to understand what is behind each of your expectations.
Forget the Past: Often, people drag mistakes from the past into current fights and that triggers conflicts. Thus, it is advised to avoid bringing up the past or anything which you think can increase the argument. You should always focus on resolving the current issue instead of making the issue more complicated by bringing up the past.
Consider If The Conflict Is Resolvable Or Not: Sometimes people have conflicts on things that can really have a big impact on their lives. Whether it is about job transfer, having children, relocation or dreams, if you think that you need to sacrifice your dream and morals for the relationship, then it is up to you if you want to stay in this relationship or not.
Besides, you can also opt for couple therapy from any trusted source to manage the conflicts in your relationship. It is quite helpful to maintain peace, joy and love in your relationship while respecting others’ feelings.
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