How to Attach Fabric on Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds, without any doubts, are one of the most popular and highly purchased window blinds ever. These types of blinds are much effective and suitable for giant windows & patio doors. Its ability to eliminate dusting makes it perfect choice for people living in dusty environment.

Moreover, it offers gorgeous improvement to your rooms, great amount of privacy, light control and protection as well. PVC vertical blinds on the other side are highly preferable by users due to its cost effectiveness and easy to clean features.

Window treatment could be quite expensive, specifically if you are planning to upgrade or redesign your home. Using fabric to update or enhance your existing blinds could be the best option to give new look ‘n’ feel to your window coverings and that also in cost effective way. Covering vertical blinds with fabric could help you change the way your blinds look.

Fabric covered vertical blinds can help you enhance look and help you synchronize your window coverings with interior or room decor. But, using fabric with vertical blinds is not kid’s play and may require one to take extra care while gluing the fabric with blinds or else it could results into disaster.

To help you reuse your old vertical blinds with fabric, below I have listed out few basic steps one should keep in mind while gluing fabric with vertical blinds.

1) First and most basic thing you have to do is to detach all the blinds from the clips which hold them together.

2) Take any tissue paper or tracing paper and draw layout of blind. You can use roll or wrapping paper instead of tracing paper for larger blinds.

3) Next thing you have to do is to cut down the layout of blind from paper accurately as this will be used to as pattern for fabric.

4) Now, you can use this pattern for cutting down the fabric. For that, you have to place this pattern on fabric and have to use marker to mark the fabric according to the pattern. Do same thing twice in order to cut down the fabric for both front and back side of blind.

5) Melt the glue with medium heat. After melting the glue, it is now time to apply it on blinds. After applying it, smoothly impose surface of fabric over the blind and repeat the same procedure for another side of blind and let it be dry and cool.

Repeat the same process for rest of the Vertical Blinds. So, these is how you can attach fabric to your old vertical blinds to enhance its look and that also at much lower cost compare to buying the new ones.

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