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Americans are now giving more consideration on how they spend their money as they look for ways to lessen expenses because of economic recession. One important change is that Americans are spending more time at home. This change is beneficial in many ways, as we’re spending more time with family and friends and eating healthier.

With more time at home, it seems that many of the new home trends revolve around the kitchen and eating. With this latest trend, Market Watch’s Jennifer Waters wrote an article on “Five Home Trends for 2010.” Now that the consumers stay at home more, housewares industry takes extra notes.

Home Trends

As people stay in their homes longer and spend more time at home, there are new trends like those identified at the International Home and Housewares Show, which was held in Chicago. They include the following “top 5 trends”

  1. It is definitely a healthy change for Americans when we reconsider how to spend money wisely. However living within our means does not mean being particular only in the kitchen. Buyers are now looking at quality. They look into how long new purchases will offer value versus the disposable economy of days past. More people bring their lunch to work. Some grow their own herbs, or can local fruit; which are actually fun.
  2. Americans are now encouraged to have healthy lifestyles. These new practice involves buying of locally grown foods and/or growing your own fruits and vegetables. People want healthy and fresher produce, which are free of chemicals, and preservatives. That extends to an interest in clean air and water.
  3. Live-in kitchens are widely noticed. It is a very cozy and economical space where people prepare and eat meals. The live-in kitchen can also be used to entertain, work, or do crafts. The article quoted Tom Mirabile, VP of global trend and design for Lifetime Brands, saying “The kitchen is being reinvented as a second living room, as appliances are camouflaged and functional objects are hidden or minimized, allowing people to create ambiance in the room.”
  4. Everyone is spending more time in the kitchen. Men are looking at cooking as a new hobby or outlet, rather than a household chore. Popular TV shows are stirring new interest in food and cooking, and these kitchen skills are a way to entertain and impress friends. Cooking books are still the top selling category amongst all books.
  5. We are focusing on lifestyle choices that are more economically friendly. However there are lots of mix-ups as to what is really green? They also don’t want to pay more for green but “expect retailers and manufacturers to deliver green products at competitive prices.”

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