Fifty Seven Days Until Christmas

Yes, yes, I know, we haven’t even doled out and eaten up the Halloween candy yet, and here I am counting down to Christmas already. But I like to plan things relatively well in advance. Planning ahead reduces stress, makes better use of time, and makes the gesture of gift-giving feel a lot less obligatory and frantic. In any case, I hope you will allow me to make some suggestions for a Global kind of Christmas.

Just a few ideas that range from the iconic and traditional to the truly eclectic and unexpected! Let me start with something for your Christmas collector: German Nutcrackers! Online you can find nutcrackers made by the exceptional Steinbach’s of Germany. These are enduringly popular symbols of craftsmanship, quality, good fortune and history. The selection offers a wide range of nutcracker characters in 10″, 12″ and even 16″ sizes. Choose a classic Prince, a snowbear, one of the Three Wise Men, a version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a gingerbread baker, or even a cuckoo-clock maker! Many others for you to peruse! There is even a Thanksgiving-themed nutcracker turkey chef! (And Thanksgiving comes before Christmas!)

Don’t forget the delicious selection of gourmet desserts! These are ideal for gift-giving and holiday entertaining. Desserts in miniature are perfect for buffet displays, while the individually-sized desserts are ready for serving at your dining table. Beautiful cakes and Turkish delights round out the wide, wonderful variety of confections.

Don’t forget the enduring appeal of board games as gifts the whole family can enjoy! You can find the classics, including Chess, Backgammon and Chinese Checkers. Or if you want to go more eclectic Mahjong and Go. Who wouldn’t love to receive an exquisite invitation to play?

Tapestry throws make a generous statement and are truly functional. The variety of designs ensure that there is something to suit myriad decorative tastes. Patriotic? The selection of throws honoring the branches of the US Military are warm and inspiring. How about a fun zebra throw? Or the highlights of Paris? Know any musicians? Bet they wouldn’t mind getting cozy with sheet music and instruments! Really, there are so many from which you might choose a memorable gift.

Know someone who is harder to shop for? Consider a piece of contemporary art glass.

What about a beautiful and enduringly educational globe? Globes are fully accurate models, but also aesthetically distinct. What a beautiful statement of taste and intellect and global awareness!

And don’t forget lovely, unusual and thoroughly authentic Moroccan cooking tagines! Encourage a new world of cuisine!

That should get you thinking about gift-giving this season. Believe me, I have a world of ideas, and I’m happy to share them with you.

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