Blocked Drainage And Its Cleaning

Everyone surely wants to maintain cleanliness in their homes for healthy and comfortable living .But it is not easy to maintain the drainage of your house for that you will need a plumber or the professional cleaners for perfect drain cleaning. The Bathroom and kitchen are the most important areas to be kept totally clean. Generally home owners use plumbers snake or augers to pull out the clogging from the drains and if they are not successful with this they use the chemical cleaners to wash away the debris. But these chemicals are very dangerous to use, they can cause burns to human skin if it comes in direct contact, they are even very harsh on pipes and can possibly create damage.

Usually all, either commercial or domestic suffers from the same blocked drain issue. It is mainly because of grease, litter, leaves or things like silt that get stuck inside the pipes and create blockages. In such blocked drains water that is to escape from the pipe can’t find the space to flow out and thus it results into flooding. It may be anywhere in your kitchen sink, washing machine or a toilet bowl. In such athrow back of water, the electric appliances are likely to get damaged.

There are many ways to prevent drain blockage. You can hire those professional drain cleaners or call out the plumber. Once you detect a blockage you will definitely need one of them. However one more thing you can do is to clean your drains with homely techniques on regular basis to prevent blockage.

First of all baking soda is very convenient for cleaning drains. It is quite useful as a cleaner. Some experts says that pouring three cups of boiling water down the blocked drain preceded by one cup of baking soda will surely clear you pipe if repeated few times. Even if you don’t have blockage use this technique on weekly basis for prevention.

Another useful thing is washing powder. A single cup of this soda will loosen the clog in the pipe if left for a while, and then by following the same baking soda method you can get your pipe clear. But make sure you haven’t used any commercial acid cleaner recently in the pipe as may react horribly. If you have PVC pipes avoid overuse of washing powder as it may damage the pipe.

There is one unique method that may be very interesting for your young children;it’s the combination of baking soda and vinegar. These two things when mixed give a fizzy reaction helps in loosening the clogged drain. And is also great option for regular drain cleaning.

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