Bi-folding Doors Shedding Light On The Matter

Sometimes after a few years in the same office you feel you need a change of scenery. There is only so much you can redesign a property with new furnishings, wallpapers and new technologies. But have you ever really considered changing the doors of your office? Yes, it doesn’t sound so exciting to begin with, but let me continue.

Bi-folding doors are the latest innovation in door technology. They are similar to patio doors, but can be used all over a property. The doors can be made to any size or shape and have a folding mechanism so you are able to fold the doors open – creating a “bringing the outside inside” feel. These stunning doors are available with glass panels which have in build blinds fitted between the double glazing windows. Not only does this mean you are able to close the world out when you feel like it, but this new technology means that the blinds are not prone to dust or dirt. Meaning; less cleaning for you!

The aluminum cill has a self-sealing system that means no unsightly channels will be on view; this again means the channels will remain clean from getting clogged with dirt or debris. The doors run on specially design stainless steel wheels which will remove any dust or dirt that get through the seal. Amazingly the doors undergo high levels of testing to ensure that they are safe and reliable.

Each door is corrosion tested for over 600 hours with severe levels of weather conditions to ensure that the doors are a reliable purchase. The doors closing and opening mechanism is further tested by engineers up to 50,000 times to ensure that the door meets the high standards expected.

Although the door is stunning to look at, it secretly stores a 5 point locking system including drop bolts on the folding doors to ensure the safety of the building and its contents from unwanted visitors. The doors may sound complex and confusing and you may wonder how you would manage to fit the doors? You don’t need to be alarmed because a fitting service can be provided for you if you request this.

It is recommended that you visit a showroom for a full demonstration of these fantastic doors – this should help you with making your decision whilst also giving you the opportunity to view the various designs and styles helping you to discover the best Bi-folding doors for your property.

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