Adopt to Grow a Family

A mom whose family is too small but would want to extend it and giving birth is not her option anymore, then adoption can be a step to a growing family. However, adoption is not even close to the feeling when we buy art online in addition to our artwork collection.

As we say, it is much easier to imagine and wish than to experience the challenge that will come along the way in terms of the process of adoption and more so, in terms of rearing another child. Adoption, more than anything else, is charity and this is to share what you have which includes your strength, finances, and love to another human being who is to be a member of your family. Among other situations that need to be addressed, one needs to think how prepared she is to have another angel in her life. Adoption should be thought twice when details like space at home where the child will be reared is not enough on top of the need for extra money to sustain the baby’s growth. It is not buying a an artwork for sale that a mom just needs to put in one of the nooks and let it sustain itself right there for decades. Love is not enough when we speak of family. Financial stability will not show our children how much they are loved but the responsibility to rear them as human concerns money. This, in most cases, is not an opinion but a statement of a fact. The health of a child to be adopted needs to be considered. If one is not financially apt to rear a child that would need operation, surgery, and bottles of medicine, then the child would be better with someone else more apt to handle the situation.

It is true that for single mom whose giving birth is not an option anymore, a growing family as she ages is ideal most especially if she has only one child and the child asks for siblings. To be fair with him, a cousin or a playmate from neighbour will not suffice to patch-up for the only child’s emotional need. However, despite the child’s attachment to the adopted, he still needs to be assured that he is the priority or the first love of her mom and the people around him who has originally loved him. As this is being done in the process, the adopted meanwhile needs to feel that he or she is a real member of the family and the attention and love being shown to him is at par to the original child who is related to the mom by blood.

Wishes and desire of adoption are fun when some beautiful pictures start playing on our mind. We imagine having two people to grow old with us instead of just having one. If God will allow, all will live long and see one another extend their own families and raise their children. And before we know it, we have one big clan before we retire our life but then we do want to adopt little children to love for us to little angels who would look like artworks for sale. Taking care of them does not only mean dressing them up. We cannot have them to have some humans with us in the middle of poverty and misery which makes financial and emotional stability a prerequisite to a growing family.

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