5 Easy Ways to Store Your LEGO Collection

In this article I’m going to look at five ways that will help you to sort your LEGO collection. This is a task many Parents ponder at one time or another, I know I have as my Son’s (and mine!) LEGO collection has grown over the years.

1. Jumbled up in one box.

This is the way many peoples LEGO collections start off and when you only have a few sets or a small amount of bricks it works great. Your children will enjoy this option the best as you can just get one box out and every and all their bits and bobs will be there. Its also easy to tidy up after playing as you can just bung it all in the one box.

As your collection grows though you may find that this way of storing can get a tad frustrating, particularly when looking for specific smaller pieces. When all you LEGO is in one box it takes time to find each piece and it also makes a right racket swilling all those LEGO pieces around the box!

2. In A LEGO Lay-n-Go Playmat.

I stumbled upon these excellent play-mats a few weeks ago and although they are a similar way of storage to using one big box, they have one frankly brilliant feature. All of your LEGO is stored in a huge round playmat that has cords sewn in all around the edges which means you can instantly tidy up after a hard days building by just holding on to the string and lifting, bish bash boosh, how easy is that!

The Lay-nGo Playmat is available online or if you have a crafty streak I’m sure you could knock something similar up yourself.

3. Sort the bricks by colour into separate containers.

This is the system we tried for a while and when our Son was younger it worked great for him and us, but we did though find a flaw in this way of sorting your LEGO. Sorting by Colour looks brilliant especially if like us you also get coloured draws to match, it really is easy for little people to help to keep their own LEGO sorted and they actually find helping to tidy up fun.

Now the but, personally I found that when searching for that missing bit, either for a specific model or just something you had in mind, it can be exceedingly hard to find specific parts in a single coloured draw. Like I used to have to pour all the bits out and spend ages and ages looking for the right parts, it really was beginning to do my head in. So when you need to help your children to build specific models this method in practice is quite hard work as I found that finding a piece by colour rather than by shape is quite hard.

4. Use a LEGO Sorter.

Another funky invention I found recently is the LEGO sorting box. Its essentially a stack of four tray boxes that have different size holes in the bottom of each tray. The idea is you take handfuls of LEGO and bung them in the top of the stack of boxes and and then shake the boxes and all the small pieces fall to the bottom, medium stay in the middle and large stay in the top.

A genius invention and even if your LEGO collection has grown too big to fit within this sorting box, you can still use it to help sort your LEGO.

5. Sort by brick type.

Sorting by specific LEGO brick is where most LEGO collectors end up. When you collection get to a certain size it gets harder and harder to find bits, which is just frustrating for you and your children. So the ultimate way to sort your collection of LEGO is to sort each type of brick into its own box. Now you can like us have a few similar bricks in together, we only had six boxes, so we worked out a way that worked for us. We just sorted the bits like this.

a. Bricks 4’s & 6

b. Boards

c. Roof Bits

d. Sticks

e. Anything thats a 1 or 2

f. A random, bites and bobs draw.

g. All the Minifigures and accessories. (my Son’s favourite draw!)

This seems to work for us at the moment with the amount of LEGO we have. If you have loads and loads of boxes, like one (or two) of those tool sorting trays you have in the garage with screws in, the larger versions are great for LEGO. Then you can go all out and sort down to the absolute individual part. You see pics of people on the internet with huge collections and this is how they sort their LEGO collection.

I hope these suggestions are useful for you, however you decide to sort your collection one things for sure your children will help you to un-sort it!

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