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Our busy life schedule does not always allow us to take care of our health. Most of us have a tendency to ignore our health problems and this in turn aggravates it. When it comes to looking for treatment methods, we often switch to drugs or allopathic medications but it’s time to shift from chemical based drugs and switch to traditional Chinese medicine of Melbourne. Its popularity is growing in the present time. Whether it’s a muscle cramp, spasms or joint pain, TCM has a solution for all types of health problems. Practitioners of Chinese medicine apply different types of method for helping patients to get rid of health issues. Here you will find some treatment techniques that form an exclusive part of TCM.

Explaining process of dry needling

Dry needling is a method which is almost similar to that of acupuncture. In this therapy, the practitioners try to insert needles on certain trigger points of your body for certain point of time. Well, no fluid is put in those needles and so the name dry needling. Sometimes, muscles get knotted which cause excessive pain in your muscle and dry needling gives a long lasting relief to aching muscles.

The time period of needle insertion and the technique will completely depend on the therapist. Basically, one can choose out of two needling techniques which include non-trigger point and in-and-out technique. In case, a person is suffering from nervous system problem then no-trigger point method proves fruitful. The therapist will insert needle not on trigger points rather around the affected area. Unlike the in-and-out technique that directly pricks the needle on the affected areas. In it, needles are not inserted for longer period.

As per the no-trigger point therapy, it is believed that muscular issues accounts for the pain. Generally, these needle therapies are conducted by the practitioners who cure sports injury. One of the common issues faced by an individual going for needling session is that there are no such specific credentials or license determined for these therapists. So, you need to check whether the practitioner holds at least post graduate degree or not for your safety.

Effectiveness of needling for back pain

Dry needling is turning out to be one of the most effective methods to treat myofascial trigger points. Therapists make use of filiform needles and place them on trigger points that are causing painful experiences. Therapists gently move the needle on trigger points and this process ensures blood flow in those areas that relieve tight muscles. Tightening of muscle often becomes the prime cause of back pain and dry needling work on it.

Most of you might think that your back pain will vanish as soon as you finish the session. Well, this is a wrong concept because no therapy can work like magic. It will take time depending on the intensity of the pain. Along with dry needing, the therapist will also give you massage for complete relief from back pain. You have to conduct a thorough research in order to gain maximum benefit from this amazing Chinese medicine treatment method.

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