Personal Training vs Group Fitness vs Gym Memberships – What’s The Right Choice For You?

With this comes a high increase in demand for exercise with people creating home gyms, joining the gym and taking part in group fitness sessions Then there are those who use a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals. How do you know which is the right option for you?

In this article we are going to visit the three fitness training options, providing you with the numerous benefits and some negatives of each, so you can choose the right solution for you moving forward, an opportunity to improve your fitness levels, lose some unwanted weight, tone your body and boost your confidence.

Gym Memberships

The first training option we are going to visit is gym memberships. There are gyms in every town and city around the world. In some areas you have a wide selection of gyms, all offering you the best equipment, so you can train with confidence to tone your body and boost your confidence.

The main benefits to choosing a gym membership is that you have access to the top quality gym equipment. Gym memberships provide you with flexibility, they are open for extended hours, so you can train before or after work. There are those gyms that open twenty four hours a day, ideal if you work in the health industry, as an example, you can train at times suitable to your schedule.

The other great benefits of gym memberships is that they offer contracts of varying lengths and at different prices, helping you find one that works within your budget. Many of the gyms are franchised or part of a chain, so you have access to their gyms if you travel extensively within the country.

The negative side of a gym membership is that there is no back up and as a result, you may find it significantly harder to achieve your results quickly. It’s easy to skip sessions and there is an increased risk of injury.

Group Sessions

Groups sessions are a more sociable and fun way to exercise with a choice of classes catering to all fitness levels from pilates to step classes. You can expect to enjoy cardio training, core training and more with qualified instructors, offering a safe training experience.

The negative side of group sessions is that there is no one on one training and the classes are not tailored to your abilities and fitness level.

Personal Training

Personal training does remain one of the top choices for fitness training with excellent results. The benefits of using personal training is that you can achieve your results quickly, whether it’s to tone, lose weight gain muscle or improve overall fitness and endurance. In addition to this, personal training offers tailored programmes based on your fitness level and ability. Personal training is motivational, supportive and fun and you feel accountable to your trainer, which reduces the risk of you missing a training session.

Many personal training experiences include nutritional advice to help you make smarter food choices in the future and the trainer will work to your schedule.

There is a negative side to personal training and the only negative thing is that it can cost slightly more than a gym membership or group training session.

Remember with personal training you reduce the risk of injury, you achieve your goals faster, you have one on one training with a qualified professional and you will boost your fitness with confidence.

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