Low Ovarian Reserve And Infertility


Ovarian reserve is a word used to find out the ovary’s capacity to provide eggs which are capable of the fertilization process. Whereas, low ovarian reserves happens when the female’s ovaries lose its reproductive potential which leads to infertility. With the help of ovarian reserve, the quality and quantity of eggs can be figured out. If a female has low ovarian reserves which mean that the number of eggs might be decreasing. This condition generally arises during menopause but the decreasing rate may differ from one female to another. The primary cause of diminishing or low ovarian reserve is aging. But it can also affect due to genetic abnormalities or some medical treatment. There are various causes of low ovarian reserve that will be discussed further. However, the fertility experts consider ultrasound and hormone test to evaluate the ovarian reserve of a woman. There is no exact low reserve treatment available but female suffering with infertility due to low egg count or quality can go for treatments like IVF. Adapting this treatment will help the female who are facing obstacles in getting pregnant. It is necessary to understand what low ovarian reserve is and how IVF can help in this situation?

What is a low ovarian reserve?

Ovarian reserve defines the ability of female’s ovaries to produce quality eggs. With increasing age, the quality and quantity of eggs tend to decline. As a result, it becomes difficult to get pregnant naturally. There are the females who attempt to get pregnant after the age of 40 faces difficult in conceiving due to this reason. Females diagnosed with low ovarian reserve at times have the lower success of conceiving with assisted reproductive techniques as the efforts are natural to conceive. Additionally, females with low ovarian reserves may experience miscarriages when going for IVF with own eggs. Because the quality of own eggs will not be so good which may lead to miscarriages. However, ovarian reserves can be taken as an element of the biological clock but the said clock may vary female to female. Some females can be fertile in the ’40s whereas others may start losing fertility in ’20s. As per ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) a female may start losing ovarian reserve prior they become infertile. Females born with around 2,000,000 eggs which lose with increasing age. During the beginning of menopause, a female left with only 1000 eggs.

What causes low ovarian reserve?

There are various causes of low ovarian reserves that mentioned below:

  • Smoking cigarette
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Ovarian surgery like endometriosis
  • Aggressive treatments like radiation from cancer

Low ovarian reserves and IVF

Low ovarian reserve and IVF are interconnected with each other because low reserves can negatively affect the conceiving ability of a female. In this condition, the mostly affected things are egg quality and quantity. Reduced or lower number of eggs may result in diminishing women fertility. It mainly affects in two ways: 1) creating issues in pregnancy 2) once get pregnant can leads to miscarriages. The main aim of fertility treatments is to increase the chances of pregnancy. Low ovarian reserves in women can decrease the chances of pregnancy among females. However, ovulation induction has successfully contributed towards assisted reproductive techniques, IVF (In vitro fertilization) and embryo transfer. If a female goes for natural IVF cycle then the chances of success may remain up to 5 % to 8 %. On another side, if she goes with a regular IVF cycle then the success rate will be enhanced. However, it can be very difficult for a young female with a regular cycle to go for this treatment. Prior to going for treatment, one needs to make exploring all the possible treatment options for won satisfaction.

Low ovarian reserve treatments:

Presently, there is no treatment available that prevent from aging of the ovary. After the diagnosis of low ovarian reserves, a female can preserve o freeze the eggs or embryo for future. With failure or when the ovaries do not respond to required drugs, the doctor may recommend for the donor eggs. Many treatment strategies have developed to cure the low ovarian reserve in women. But the treatment needs to be aggressive so that a female can conceive easily.

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