For Immediate Relief You can Try Ten Popular Plantar Fasciitis Treatments

For Immediate Relief You can Try Ten Popular Plantar Fasciitis Treatments

Severe heel pain can affect your walking style. Since the pain is on the heel, every time you walk you will feel the pinch. As a result there will be a change in your gait. If the pain is left unchecked, you will start to limp and eventually you may have to walk with a crutch. To avoid this you should opt for plantar fasciitis treatment. With the right treatment, the pain will reduce and you will be able to walk properly. Find out who is the leading podiatrist in Bath. Book your appointment with him. Explain everything in detail when you meet the podiatrist. Answer all his questions, so that he better understands what is your condition.

There are different types of plantar fasciitis treatments available. Some treatment options include – resting, stretching, strengthening, and replacing uncomfortable shoes with doctor shoes, orthotics, night splints, arch support, anti-inflammatory agents and finally surgery. The treatment depends on the individual’s preferences and risk factors applicable.

For immediate relief you can try out the below 10 plantar fasciitis treatments:

  • Massage Your Feet – Massaging has proved to be beneficial in case of heel pain. Massage your feet before you go to sleep, after returning home. Massaging helps to improve the blood flow thereby getting rid of the pain for good.
  • Slip on an Ice Pack – Ice pack can work wonders for heel pain. Once you get back home, put an ice pack over the heel. The ice will help to reduce the inflammation and slowly the pain will reduce.
  • Stretch – Stretching is great for heel pain. When you stretch your legs, the blood flow is improving. As a result the pain subsides and your condition improves.
  • Try Dry Cupping – Try out dry cupping the area where you are experiencing the pain. This will put sudden pressure on the pain and will numb out the area.
  • Use Toe Separators – Toe separators are great as they help to stretch the feet. This will bring about the much-needed balance and the pain will get reduced slowly with the passage of time.
  • Use Sock Splints at Night, and Orthotics during the Day – Both these items aim at stretch the feet so that when you get up in the morning you find it easier to step down and walk on the floor without any kind of difficulty.
  • Try TENs Therapy – TransCutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation also known, as TEN’s is a procedure whereby electrical currents are passed into the feet. These currents help to break the sensation that causes the pain and improves the blood circulation in your feet.
  • Strengthen Your Feet with a Washcloth – In this process you need to put the washcloth beneath your feet. Try to pick up the cloth using your toes. You can carry the washcloth with you anywhere you go – from office to home.
  • Roll Your Feet with a Water Bottle – Put a water bottle filled with cold water under your feet. Now roll your feet over the bottle several times. Do this five times, each time rolling the bottle for five times. At the end of it, your feet will feel relaxed and better.
  • Replace Uncomfortable Shoes with Comfortable Ones – Check out the doctor shoes. They are ideal if you are suffering from heel pain. Get rid of all the shoes that made you uncomfortable and start wearing the doctor shoe. Soon you will notice a difference and you pain will reduce to a great extent.

Why don’t you try out all these steps to get the best results for your plantar fasciitis treatment? Keep in mind that you have to do them for several days before you see any positive results.

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