Follow Social Distancing Principles With The Help Of Footprint Decals

In the present times when there is no definite cure or vaccine to the Covid-19 virus, the only way out for people is to maintain personal hygiene and follow social distancing protocols strictly. It has been advised to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or more from another person. Every public sector, be it banks, post offices, departmental stores, shopping malls, etc., have imposed strict social distancing protocols for everyone’s safety. It is none other than one of the most essential factors involved in our regular life. Researches have come up with conclusive proof that maintaining social distancing can help you stay away from the contagious virus.

Mention may be made of the social distancing footprint decals, an excellent technique to ensure safety. They are used on the floor to indicate the specific distance that one person needs to maintain from the other. Extensively used in public places like grocery shops, departmental stores, train stations, healthcare sectors and other such commercial zones, they have really paved the way for a convenient system that can ensure safety for everyone.

Benefits of using the social distancing stickers in public places

The first and foremost thing is awareness. As a community, the responsibility is on everyone to educate others on the preventive measures that need to be taken. If the social distancing decals are noticed by people, a certain consciousness will automatically arise out of it. Not only this, but taking such measures would also help the public understand the gravity of the current situation. It will also prevent people from coming in close contact to one another. Especially in places where people have to form a queue such as the bank, local supermarket or post office, these decals will bring in a more organized approach towards handling the entire situation.

Alongside increasing awareness in the minds of customers, the social distancing footprints for the floor will also help to form the same for workers. It will certainly send out a message that the administration cares about the health and wellbeing of the staff members and safety is the topmost priority. Not only this, it will also help them to tackle the situation better and spread important messages like this to as many people as possible. As a result of this, the employees will feel much safer and more comfortable to work in a healthy and conscious environment. The workflow will also not be impacted negatively.

Scientists and researchers claim that alongside the use of PPE products regularly, following social distancing protocols can really help bring about a change. It is an effective way to reduce community transfer and bring the numbers down. Mention may be made of the fact that social distancing walls and floor signs do not damage the surface in any way. High-quality safe adhesive is used which can last long and doesn’t come off easily.

Where to buy the social distancing stickers from?

There are several online and offline stores that offer these high-quality social distancing stickers at amazing prices. Made from textured matte vinyl fabric, the stickers adhere to the walls and social distancing floor surfaces firmly. Choose a reputed company if you are looking forward to buying these decals. As there are a lot of enterprises dealing with these social distancing products, it is better to go through previous reviews and ratings before coming to a conclusion. It is also advised to shop in bulk to put on the entire floor and walls.You can also customize them to get better response. Printing informative graphics on the surface to send out a stronger message is a great way to bring about consciousness.

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