Erectile Dysfunction: Is everyone affected?

Erectile Dysfunction: Is everyone affected?

Old means you can retire and no longer have to work every day. Being old can also mean suffering from different issues due to unhealthy lifestyle choices you made when you were younger. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for men.

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Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability or difficulty of achieving erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Others with this condition might experience erection, but they may have difficulty maintaining the firmness and hardness of their penis.

There are three levels: moderate, minimal, or complete. Moderate has a few chances of experiencing erection problems. The condition is more common in the case of minimal. Total erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to erection in any manner.


  • The problem is most common in older men, as mentioned. 52% of men aged 40-70 years are experiencing erection issues, ranging from mild to severe.
  • Erectile dysfunction affects approximately 67% of men over 70 years old, while it affects 39% of 40-year-olds.
  • These figures only apply to men over 40 years of age, but younger men still face problems
  • This condition can be severe for anyone, no matter their age.

This means that everyone is a victim of this problem. It is important to prevent erectile dysfunction from happening. You have a higher chance of developing erectile dysfunction if you allow your body to experience it.


Erectile dysfunction may be caused by physical or psychological factors.

Ageing is a major factor. Most men suffering from this condition are between 40 and 70 years old. Other factors that may be contributing to the problem include the intake of medications for various ailments, injuries, especially in the brain or spinal cord, as well as liver and kidney failure.

Other causes include fatigue, prostate surgery and bladder surgery, high sugar, hardening the arteries, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple Sclerosis, hypogonadism, and high blood pressure.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, paranoia and self-consciousness.

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